EIGHT MILLION people in England live in neighbourhoods with close to ZERO Covid cases

More than eight million people in England live in areas where coronavirus may have disappeared, official figures revealed today. Department of Health data showed 1,065 out of 6,792 neighbourhoods — 15 per cent — recorded ‘fewer than three cases’ in the week to February 24, and may even have had none at all. Numbers are … Read more

The interactive map of Japan that pinpoints neighbourhoods with noisy children

Revealed: The interactive map of Japan that pinpoints neighbourhoods with noisy children so those who want a quieter life can avoid them The guide is called the Dorozoku Map. Dorozoku is an online term for loud people The map is powered by comments submitted by irritated residents Their remarks pop up when icons on the … Read more

Lockdown is imposed on five Beijing neighbourhoods, with 1.6 million people ordered to stay at home

Lockdown has been imposed on five Beijing neighbourhoods after just a handful of Covid-19 cases were detected in the Chinese capital. In total, 1.6million people have been ordered to stay at home after seven cases were reported on Wednesday, including six in southern Daxing district, while China reported 103 total cases nationally. China has been reporting … Read more

Low-traffic neighbourhoods make air pollution WORSE, report indicates

The level of a toxic car exhaust pollutant dropped across parts of south London following the scrapping of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTN), according to a report. Levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) were higher at 11 south London streets when residential roads were closed and dropped when seven Wandsworth Council schemes were halted, The Telegraph reports.   … Read more

Children raised in greener neighbourhoods have higher IQs

Children raised in greener neighbourhoods have higher IQs and lower levels of difficult behaviour, study finds Researchers looked at IQ and behaviour levels of 600 children aged 10 to 15 They used satellite imagery to examine greenery levels of their neighbourhoods  For every three per cent increase in greenery IQ levels increased 2.6 points By … Read more

Are Covid-19 cases rising in YOUR area? Interactive map reveals worst-hit neighbourhoods

An interactive map breaking down new coronavirus cases by postcode has pinpointed exactly where mini outbreaks flared up across England last week.    The map, based on Public Health England testing data, is being used to help health chiefs target specific areas pf the country with new social distancing measures, rather than using blunt, economically-damaging lockdowns … Read more