British motorists will no longer need a Green Card when driving in the EU

Green Cards for driving in the EU scrapped: British motorists will no longer need the ‘confusing’ insurance document when using their own cars in Europe Green Cards are available to proves that motorists have third party insurance when driving their cars overseas Insurers have feared Britons will need to have them when driving in EU … Read more

We reveal the ten cheapest cars for 17 year old motorists to insure

Toyota Aygos are the cheapest car for 17-year-old motorists to insure, new research has revealed. Young motorists driving this model will only pay an average of £641 a year, according to data from Admiral, which looked at the cheapest cars for teenagers to insure in the UK. Getting the best deal possible is important for … Read more

Crackdown on rubbish drivers! Selfish motorists are told to stop using roads as a dump

Thoughtless drivers are putting lives and wildlife in danger and blighting the countryside by discarding tons of rubbish. To cope with the tsunami of trash, special teams from Highways England risk their lives collecting thousands of bags of litter from roadsides. Now the agency – which looks after the nation’s motorways and A-roads and carries … Read more

Motorists want to see MORE roadside cameras, poll shows

Motorists want to see MORE road cameras… as long as they measure driver’s average speed over a distance, poll shows Poll shows drivers prefer roadside cameras that measure speed at a distance Just 18 per cent of motorists felt fixed speed cameras were best on fast roads More than half of the 3,000 polled admitted … Read more

TOM UTLEY: Tracking elderly motorists is a sinister road to go down

From the point of view of everyone’s safety — not least her own — it really would have been much better if my dear late mother had been banned from driving long before she approached her 80th year. Though she would hotly deny it if she were still alive, the fact is that throughout her life … Read more

Motorists slam maze markings on roundabout intended to encourage more walking and cycling

These maze markings are driving motorists round the twist: Residents slam scheme to encourage walking and cycling and predict ‘confusing’ layouts will cause an accident A junction in Birkenhead, Merseyside, has caused mass confusion for road users Maze-like markings were added by Wirral council as part of £3.2million scheme Motorists say the markings have caused … Read more

RAC will offer ‘no-ties’ monthly plan to help low-mileage motorists save money 

Now you can insure a car by the mile! RAC will offer ‘no-ties’ monthly plan to help low-mileage motorists save money RAC to offer monthly car insurance which could help low-mileage drivers cash  Customers pay monthly subscription according to how far they actually drive  Called Pay by Mile, it is aimed at people driving fewer than … Read more

Bus lanes bedlam: After cycling chaos, now Boris Johnson finds £3bn to keep motorists off the roads 

Hundreds of miles of bus lanes will be built to discourage driving, Boris Johnson will announce today in one of his first acts of ‘levelling up’ Britain. In a major transport shake-up, the Prime Minister will also unveil simpler fares with daily price caps for multiple journeys across different types of public transport. Councils and … Read more

Bus lanes bedlam: After cycling chaos, now Boris Johnson finds £3bn to keep motorists off the roads 

Now for bus lane bedlam! After cycling chaos, now Boris Johnson finds £3bn for ‘clean, green’ revolution to put THOUSANDS more buses on British roads (and keep motorists off them) Boris Johnson to unveil new plans to hundreds of miles of bus lanes later today Councils and operators to be urged to run more frequent services for … Read more

Motorists hit by £120 fines if caught throwing cigarette butt or apple core in anti-litter scheme

A new camera scheme is set to catch motorists in the act who dispose of litter from their windows, landing them with hefty fines.   From April, Maidstone Borough Council in Kent will employ the use of LitterCam to seek out and fine drivers flouting the rules in the first pilot scheme in the country. Under … Read more