Prince William ‘is not trapped’ in system of British Monarchy, sources close to royal family say

Prince William does not believe he is ‘trapped’ inside the system of the British monarchy and Prince Harry‘s suggestions that he is are ‘way off the mark’, a source close to the royal family has claimed. Instead, the Duke of Cambridge, who is second in line to the throne behind his father, has ‘accepted’ his … Read more

Palace aide rubbishes Harry and Meghan’s claim that ‘men in grey suits’ run the Monarchy

In the refined environment of Windsor Castle, a calmness is slowly being re-established following the tremors of that Oprah Winfrey interview.  When not at her desk working, the Queen is said to enjoy playing cards with her lady-in-waiting.  ‘There is a sense of order, not panic,’ a source says. After all, there are more pressing … Read more

PETER HITCHENS: Axe the Monarchy? Yes, if you want us to be like North Korea… or the USA 

We’ll be sorry when the Monarchy is gone, which it will pretty soon be if we all go on behaving like this. If you want a Monarchy, you need grown-ups, not just to sit on the throne, but to support it. Sentimental slop won’t keep it going, and nor will cheap temporary popularity or glamour. … Read more

Jacob Rees-Mogg quotes God Save The Queen in House of Commons after monarchy question

Jacob Rees-Mogg quotes God Save The Queen in full in House of Commons as he backs the monarch in Meghan row – while Boris still remains silent Jacob Rees-Moog recited the national anthem in the House of Commons today The Leader of the House spoke the anthem to voice his support for the Queen Followed … Read more

Meghan and Harry interview was designed to destroy Monarchy, says Piers Morgan

Sickening. Shameful. Self-pitying. Salacious. Scandalous. Sanctimonious. Spectacularly self-serving. Those were just my initial thoughts after ten minutes of the Oprah whine-athon with Meghan and Harry, and while restricting myself to only using words beginning with the letter ‘s’. By the time I’d finished the whole two-hour orgy of pious, self-indulgent, score-settling twaddle, the steam was … Read more

Barcelona sees a sixth night of violence over rapper jailed for insulting the monarchy on Twitter

Protests have raged for a sixth night in Barcelona with masked demonstrators throwing bottles, firecrackers and other missiles at police. As in previous days, Sunday’s rallies began peacefully but descended into violence as night fell, with a crowd of several hundred people marching to the National Police headquarters.  Protesters chanted ‘Freedom for Pablo Hasel’ in … Read more

Prince Philip is ‘very disappointed’ by Meghan Markle’s failure to ‘support the monarchy’

Prince Philip is ‘very, very disappointed’ by Meghan Markle’s failure to ‘support the monarchy’ and her husband, a royal expert has claimed. The Duke of Edinburgh, 99, who gave up his naval career to support the Queen, 94, when she ascended the throne in 1952, was ‘irritated’ when the Duchess of Sussex, 39, failed to … Read more

DOMINIC LAWSON: The real bombshell? How little Harry, not Meghan, grasped about the monarchy 

How depressingly predictable that the authorised-but-not-authorised account of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex‘s rupture with the Royal Family (and with this country) should rest on the charge of ‘snobbery’. The authors of Finding Freedom — though Nelson Mandela this ain’t — claim that Prince Harry never got over the impression that his brother had … Read more

Prince Charles had planned to ‘expand’ Meghan Markles and Prince Harry’s role in the monarchy

Prince Charles had plans to ‘expand’ Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s role in the monarchy before they moved to Los Angeles, a royal expert has claimed.  Royal author Nigel Cawthorne has told that Charles, 71, was ‘delighted’ when Harry, 35, and Meghan, 38, tied the knot in May 2018, and was ‘undoubtedly planning on increasing … Read more