JAN MOIR: Prince Philip’s death was hardly unexpected but when the news came we felt a jolt of loss

We cannot be surprised that Prince Philip has died at the age of 99, yet somehow we are. For the news, when it came, was a shock. A jolting moment on a cold, spring morning. Followed by an unexpected wash of sorrow and then an even more surprising feeling of loss. Why should we feel … Read more

JAN MOIR: It’s tough being the ex-Factor. But that’s not abuse, it’s showbusiness

Singer and former X Factor contestant Rebecca Ferguson wants a parliamentary inquiry into the music industry to help protect young artists.  Against what? Exploitation and mistreatment primarily, with a backbeat of bullying, grooming and even sexual abuse. She wants music managers and agents to have a ‘licence’ and ‘face a tribunal’ if they ‘mistreat an … Read more

JAN MOIR: Prince Harry has got the perfect CV for a Mickey Mouse executive! 

Now that the shutters have slammed down on the Bank of Dad and with the MumCash reserves down to the last £20 million or so, Prince Harry has had to take drastic action. At the tender age of 36, he has put childish things behind him and gone out to get himself a job. Two … Read more

JAN MOIR: I promise this column is a Meghan and Harry free zone (recollections may vary) 

This week’s column, I absolutely promise, is going to be a Meghan and Harry-free zone. Haven’t we all had quite enough of the Duke and Duchess of Netflix? For the last five days the planet has been marinated in Meghan, then dunked and pickled in an ocean of princely vinegar. Surely their Titanic of trouble … Read more

JAN MOIR on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle”s profile-raising offensive in America

Think about others rather than yourself, said the Queen this week. Yet over in LA, her wise words beseeching altruism and humanity fell on deaf ears.  ‘My life is always going to be about public service,’ said the Duke of Sussex in his first post–Megxit TV interview, rather proving that the service he has in … Read more

JAN MOIR: Never mind bias audits, Gordon Ramsay’s BBC balderdash is an insult to us ALL

Do you want to understand what is wrong with the BBC, why it is in crisis and why so many people are refusing to pay their licence fee? Look no further than Gordon Ramsay’s new game show, which began with much fanfare on Wednesday night. For the next three weeks, Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance (BBC … Read more

Ten years ago Larry the Cat arrived at Downing Street. JAN MOIR reveals the moggie’s best moments

Midnight. Not a sound from the pavement. Has the moon lost her memory? Not if I have anything to do with it. For I am here to remind you all of a very special anniversary, my ten years in office, serving this country to the best of my ability. My name is Larry the Cat, … Read more

JAN MOIR: Prince Harry can’t turn his back on Britain but keep the baubles of a Disney princeling

Time to consult ye olde crystal ball, shuffle the tarot cards, dig out my trusty drivel diviner to see what 2021 holds for Harry and Meghan and — uh oh! The Sussexes are just over a year into their great finding freedom caper but if events of recent days are anything to go by, we … Read more

JAN MOIR: Struggling Harvey and an absent dad who knows no shame

What I simply don’t understand is how Dwight Yorke can live with himself. In public he is the successful footballer-turned-pundit and self-styled ‘philanthropist’; in private he is the father of disabled Harvey Price, the do-little dad who has had almost nothing to do with his 18-year-old son’s upbringing. You might imagine Dwight would be shunned … Read more