Olivia Wilde is ‘NOT living with ex Jason Sudeikis’ despite telling a judge otherwise

Olivia Wilde is ‘NOT living with ex Jason Sudeikis’ despite telling a judge otherwise in stalker case… amid her romance with Harry Styles By Deirdre Simonds For Dailymail.com and George Stark For Dailymail.com Published: 18:18 BST, 13 April 2021 | Updated: 18:18 BST, 13 April 2021 Olivia Wilde is said to have told a judge … Read more

Stepmother says thought of ‘lazy’ stepdaughter living at home for four years is ‘terrifying’

A stepmother was praised for ‘breaking a parenting taboo’ after she admitted she doesn’t want her ‘lazy’ stepdaughter to live at home while studying for her PhD because she’s been left exhausted by her after a year in lockdown.  The anonymous woman, from the UK, took to Mumsnet and explained that her 22-year-old stepdaughter had just graduated … Read more

Doctors perform world’s first living donor lung transplant to Covid-19 patient in Japan

Doctors in Japan have performed the world’s first-ever living donor lung transplant on a patient with severe lung damage from Covid-19. A Japanese woman’s life was saved by the nearly 11-hour operation carried out by a medical team of 30 after her husband and son donated parts of their lungs, doctors said on Thursday.  The … Read more

Frequent flyer Gilbert Ott says he’s living proof global travel CAN be safe 

A frequent flyer has revealed that he managed to fly internationally multiple times over the past year without catching Covid – and is proof that global travel can be done safely if it’s properly managed. Travel expert Gilbert Ott, who runs the flight tips site God Save The Points, told MailOnline Travel that in 2020 … Read more

First bones with living cells acted like BATTERIES for fish 423 million years ago, study reveals 

While our bones act as a support structure for our body, millions of years ago they behaved like batteries to help ancient fish travel long distances. A team of German paleontologists analyzed bone structures of a 423 million-year-old jawless, armored extinct species that showed the creature’s bone cells dissolved some of the tissue to supply … Read more

More than 74 MILLION Americans are living in areas of drought – and experts warn it could worsen

Crops die and wildfires risk increases as almost 50% of the US and 74 million people experience drought – and experts warn conditions are only going to get worse Approximately 44% of the US in experiencing some level of drought  Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Colorado and California are ‘severe to exceptional’ These stats had experiencing major droughts … Read more

Microscopic ‘living robots’ created from frog embryo stem cells have memories

A microscopic ‘living robot’ made from frog embryo stem cells have been designed with self-healing powers and the ability to keep memories. The innovation pulls from previous work released last year, called Xenobots, but has been upgraded to move more efficiently and perform more complex tasks. Dubbed Xenobots 2.0, the machines are able to self-propel … Read more

Coronavirus: People living with someone with weak immune system to be put on jab priority list

Healthy under-50s who live with an adult with a weak immune system will be added to the UK’s Covid vaccine priority list. Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirmed today that all adults who share a home with someone who is immunocompromised will be offered a vaccine by mid-April. Those include people living with someone who is … Read more

Eamonn Holmes reveals he is ‘living with chronic pain’ on Twitter

Eamonn Holmes revealed he has been suffering from ‘chronic pain’ which has caused insomnia in a series of late night tweets on Friday. The TV presenter, 61, shared his woes with fans during the night as he posted to Twitter at around 2.30am while struggling to sleep. He wrote: ‘In that Twilight Zone between Night … Read more