Taylor Swift celebrates the one-year anniversary of Folklore by releasing a new version of The Lakes

One year after surprising the world with her eighth album, Folklore, Taylor Swift presented her fans with an unexpected anniversary gift on Saturday.   To millions of Swifties’ delight, the 11-time Grammy winner released the ‘original’ and orchestral version of her hit bonus track The Lakes.    ‘It’s been one year since we escaped the real world together and … Read more

Russian woman’s bear companion loves going fishing with her in Russian forest’s lakes

Do bears fish in the woods? Russian woman’s giant animal companion she rescued from a safari park loves going fishing with her in Russian forest’s lakes Russian Veronika Dichka adopted Archie, a brown bear, from a safari park that was running out of business The pair have been pictured together fishing on a lake in their … Read more

Police warn swimmers to stay away from Derbyshire quarry lake’s toxic clear blue waters 

‘It’s a bath of BLEACH’: Police warn swimmers to stay away from Derbyshire quarry lake’s tempting – but toxic – clear blue waters Picturesque lagoon’s waters known as Harpur Hill Quarry called ‘bath of bleach’ Limestone quarry’s blue hue has previously been dyed black to deter swimmers Derbyshire Police have warned of its hidden dangers and … Read more

Invasive mussels are pooping so much phosphorous it’s choking the Great Lakes

Environmentalists have been fighting the good fight against the Great Lakes’ algae blooms – toxic green soup that kills fish and contaminated drinking water – for decades, by trying to clean up the shores and stem pollution from the surrounding area.   The algae feed on phosphorous, so regulators have worked to limit how much can … Read more

The lure of the lakes: Writer Tamara Hinson finds Windermere as spellbinding as ever

When I was aged eight, my parents took me on holiday to Windermere. Minutes after arriving at our lakeside campsite, I scrambled on to my lilo and set sail. Unfortunately, a gusty breeze immediately buffeted me towards a row of fishermen. I remember crashing backwards through their fishing lines, staring up at angry anglers wondering … Read more

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are pictured grabbing some essentials in Mammoth Lakes

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are pictured grabbing some essentials as they enjoy a winter getaway to Mammoth Lakes By Heather Waugh For Dailymail.com Published: 18:36 GMT, 21 December 2020 | Updated: 18:36 GMT, 21 December 2020 Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner escaped the stay-at-home order in Los Angeles to enjoy a winter break this … Read more

Celebrities splash out on their own ‘status lakes’ as wild swimming craze sweeps the nation

What better way to bring yourself back down to reality than by taking a plunge into ice cold water… in your private lake on your own estate.  A brave selection of celebrities including the Beckhams, Prue Leith and Ed Sheeran have been doing just that after taking up wild swimming, in their own gardens.   The … Read more

Icy dips in lidos, lakes and the sea can give you a daily high as good as any HRT 

The first 30 seconds are the worst. The cold bites, actually bites, causing your heart to beat so fast you can almost hear it, as you draw in your first rasping breath. Every cell in your body screams ‘what the hell is the point of this torture? Why aren’t you at home, in your nice … Read more

Glaciers surrounded by meltwater lakes lose ice ten times faster than those on dry land

Melting like an ice cube in water: Glaciers surrounded by meltwater lakes lose ice ten times faster than those on dry land, study claims Researchers created a new model to consider the impact of lakes on melting ice They found that cold lake water significantly speeds up the melting of glaciers The lakes are formed … Read more

Pollution: Plastic entering rivers, lakes and oceans set to reach 53 million TONNES globally by 2030

NO RIVER or lake in England is free from chemical pollution, making the country’s waterways some of the dirtiest in Europe. All of our water bodies have failed their pollution quality tests, a new report from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has found, despite a target for all waters to be … Read more