Queensland woman accidentally removes all the burner dial labels after using Bar Keepers Friend

Can you spot what’s wrong with this stovetop? Mum makes a massive mistake while cleaning her kitchen – leaving hundreds in hysterics A woman has accidentally removed all the burner dial labels from her cooktop  Nurse, from Queensland, ‘got a bit carried away’ when she rubbed off the decals  She asked internet for help, asking … Read more

The enduring mystery of the missing Victorian lighthouse keepers

On Boxing Day in 1900 the clocks stopped as three lighthouse keepers on a remote Scottish island vanished without trace, leaving behind their untouched meals and work notes for the following day.  James Ducat, Thomas Marshall and Donald MacArthur had been stationed at the Flannan Lighthouse, some 215 feet above sea level near the highest point on … Read more

Leech keepers offer themselves as food to their ‘pets’ by allowing parasites to suck their blood

A growing number of people are keeping giant leeches as pets, and letting the bloodsucking parasites feed on their blood for sustenance. The breed of choice is the buffalo leech (Hirudinaria manillensis), which hails from southeast Asia and can grow up to two feet long. Breeders recommend the creatures feed every three to six months, … Read more

Two otters that lost their partners find love again after being matched by their keepers 

Otter-ly in love! Two lonely otters who lost their partners find happiness again after being matched by their keepers from opposite ends of the country Pumpkin and Harris the otters found love with each other during lockdown Both of the otters lost their previous owners and had become lonely Harris relocated from Cornwall to join … Read more

Stripey the orphaned zebra finds happiness again after keepers dress up as its mother 

Ma and stripes: Stripey the orphaned zebra finds happiness again after keepers dress up as its mother Stripey was orphaned after his mother was killed by a pride of lions at Tsavo East National Park in Kenya   The youngster managed to survive the mauling by hiding himself among a herd of goats nearby  He was … Read more