Ten years ago Larry the Cat arrived at Downing Street. JAN MOIR reveals the moggie’s best moments

Midnight. Not a sound from the pavement. Has the moon lost her memory? Not if I have anything to do with it. For I am here to remind you all of a very special anniversary, my ten years in office, serving this country to the best of my ability. My name is Larry the Cat, … Read more

JAN MOIR: Prince Harry can’t turn his back on Britain but keep the baubles of a Disney princeling

Time to consult ye olde crystal ball, shuffle the tarot cards, dig out my trusty drivel diviner to see what 2021 holds for Harry and Meghan and — uh oh! The Sussexes are just over a year into their great finding freedom caper but if events of recent days are anything to go by, we … Read more

JAN MOIR: Struggling Harvey and an absent dad who knows no shame

What I simply don’t understand is how Dwight Yorke can live with himself. In public he is the successful footballer-turned-pundit and self-styled ‘philanthropist’; in private he is the father of disabled Harvey Price, the do-little dad who has had almost nothing to do with his 18-year-old son’s upbringing. You might imagine Dwight would be shunned … Read more

I gave Diana her voice, coach Stewart Pearce tells JAN MOIR

His most famous client was Diana, Princess of Wales. In his books and promotional materials, Mr Pearce claims to have been her Voice & Presence Coach from late 1995 until her death in 1997 Author Stewart Pearce lives in a small jewel box of a flat right on Sloane Square in Central London.  This is … Read more

JAN MOIR: The half-baked snobbery against a cake shop that leaves such a sour taste

What I’d like to do right now is go to Arundel and buy a lemon yum yum from the LG Café in the town centre, which snobbish locals are trying to close.  I’d like to drink to the health and wealth of the café owners with one of their cups of piping hot chocolate and … Read more

JAN MOIR: Are young Covid-19 rule breakers trying to bump off us boomers? 

The first lockdown seems like ancient history now, something that happened a long time ago, almost to someone else. I remember peaceful, sunny days and long, warm evenings, all very enjoyable in the loveliest spring there had been for years. I was alone in London, isolated and perfectly happy in my Jan-bubble, foolishly believing that … Read more

So would you pay £465 for a New Year takeaway? JAN MOIR remortgaged her house… and tucked in

Friends, is this a scallop I see before me, the fan-shaped shell turned towards my hand? Come let me clutch thee. In fact, let me eat thee, drenched in thy saucing of butter, herbs and crushed hazelnuts, garnished with naughty slices of black truffle. My goodness, how delicious! For this is no ordinary scallop. This … Read more

Tuck into JAN MOIR’s deliciously demanding food quiz 

Are you a smart cookie or a dumb waiter? Will you find our festive food quiz as easy as pie or a hard nut to crack? Snacks at the ready, and let’s get started. Use your loaf to discover whose goose is cooked and who is bringing home the crispy bacon.  LOCKDOWN 1. Thousands started … Read more

Bill Bailey, 55, bids to become the oldest ever Strictly winner tonight, writes JAN MOIR

Tonight, a 55-year-old man with screaming calf muscles will take to the dance floor for one more twirl of twinkle-toed glory. Comedian and musician Bill Bailey is the oldest male contestant to ever reach the Strictly Come Dancing final and in the process has become the unexpected hit of this series. Aided by professional partner Oti … Read more