Lloyds fined £91m for misleading insurance customers over renewals

Lloyds fined £91m for hitting insurance customers with loyalty penalties while claiming to offer ‘competitive’ renewal quotes By Matt Oliver For The Daily Mail Published: 22:29 BST, 8 July 2021 | Updated: 22:29 BST, 8 July 2021 Lloyds Banking Group has been fined £91million by the City watchdog for misleading insurance customers. The High Street … Read more

VICTORIA BISCHOFF: Keep driving hard bargains on insurance

Despite watchdog ordering insurers to stop exploiting loyal customers, it is vital to continue shopping around, says VICTORIA BISCHOFF By Victoria Bischoff for the Daily Mail Published: 22:26 BST, 1 June 2021 | Updated: 22:26 BST, 1 June 2021 At last! Insurers have finally been ordered to stop ruthlessly exploiting loyal customers by the City … Read more

The areas in Britain with the highest number of car insurance accident claims

Revealed: Areas with the highest rate of car insurance accident claims – including towns where one in five drivers have recently had a prang Sutton and Hemel Hempstead are home to drivers with most accidents Inverness was found to have the least accidents Rural locations tend to have a lower overall rate of main driver … Read more

One Call insurance customers slam firm for ‘ignoring’ cancellations and continuing to charge

One Call Insurance is again being called out by customers, who say it failed to cancel their policies when asked.  This is Money previously reported on the firm not returning full refunds to its customers, despite them cancelling during the cooling-off period. The Yorkshire-based insurer now faces claims that payment is still being taken from … Read more

Homeowners paying over the odds for home insurance from their mortgage lender

A significant number of homeowners could be overpaying for their home insurance because they bought a policy from their mortgage provider, instead of searching for the best deal. Almost a third of homeowners have taken out an insurance policy through their mortgage provider at the time of their house purchase, according to research by Compare … Read more

Car insurance costs fall £55 on average due to quiet lockdown roads

Car insurance costs fall £55 on average in just three months as quieter lockdown roads drive a record price drop for motorists The average premium in the last 3 months dropped to just £652  This is a fall of £55 since the previous quarter – the biggest fall in 9 years   The average cost of … Read more

Surgeon jailed over insurance scam and mortgage fraud must pay back £560,000 in three months

Dr Anthony McGrath, 48, (pictured in an undated photo) has been ordered to pay back £564,518 by a judge or face another five years being added to his sentence A debt-ridden orthopaedic surgeon who masterminded a massive insurance scam and mortgage fraud has been given a three month deadline to pay back over half a million … Read more