Tampons that could cost as 30 cents each can change color when they detect a urinary tract infection

Researchers in India are developing a tampon that changes color if it detects a urinary tract infection. They soaked fibers in a substance that breaks down in the presence of Candida albicans, a common yeast infection, and placed them inside pads and tampons. In simulations, the fibers turned bright pink, indicating the presence of an … Read more

Covid US: Just 35% afraid of catching infection as survey shows fear at all-time low

Fears of catching COVID-19 have fallen to an all-time low with just 35 percent of Americans now very or somewhat worried about contracting the virus as the vaccine rollout continues to ramp up nationwide. New data from Gallup shows just over a third of people were still fearful in March, down from a record high … Read more

Doctors fear ethnic groups may start to see higher Covid infection and death rates

Doctors fear ethnic groups that shun vaccinations may start to see higher Covid infection and death rates than the country at large Lower up take rates among Pakistani, Bangladeshi and black Britons have left experts concerned about large numbers in communities vulnerable to the virus  Office of National Statistics is examining the situation with Oxford … Read more

Where to find the lowest Covid infection rates in the UK – and bag a sublime staycation

When we are finally allowed to go on self-catering trips in the UK from April 12 (April 26 in Scotland), where will we travel? The answer may be: wherever is possible, as holiday-let firms report that over 90 per cent of properties are already taken. Competition is also likely to be tough for hotels and … Read more

Coronavirus UK: 367 people died after catching infection at work, says HSE data

Almost 400 deaths and 31,000 infections have been linked to people catching coronavirus at work since April, official figures revealed today. Figures from Britain’s Health and Safety Executive, published by the GMB union, said 367 Covid deaths were reported as having ‘reasonable evidence’ of the person catching the virus at work.  Between April 10, 2020, … Read more

Brooke Shields shares snaps of herself in hospital after battling broken femur and staph infection

Brooke Shields has shared a series of snaps of herself getting hospital treatment after breaking her right femur in an accident at a New York City gym in January. The actress, 55, took to Instagram over the weekend to share the images, which showed her in a hospital gown as she sported a heavily bandaged … Read more

Wearing contact lenses in the shower raises risk of cornea infection up to SEVEN-fold

Wearing contact lenses in the shower can increase your risk of developing a painful sight-threatening infection up to SEVEN-fold, study warns The habits of 78 contact lens wearers were analysed by researchers from the UK Of these, 37 had previously developed contact lens-related microbial keratitis The risk of infection increased with the frequency of showering, the … Read more

Number of shielders leaving home risen with roll-out of vaccines and declining infection rates

Number of Covid shielders leaving home rose in February with 81% venturing outdoors at least once a week as infection rates fell and vaccine rollout steamed ahead, ONS finds Office for National Statistics found 81 per cent left home once at end of February This was up from the 76 per cent who stepped out … Read more

Coronavirus: One vaccine dose halves risk of infection in care home residents, UK study finds

Single Covid jab cuts the risk of care home residents catching the disease by 62%, study finds University College London study of more than 10,000 people in care homes It found there was ‘substantial’ protection from Covid after one vaccine dose Risk of testing positive fell by more than half from four weeks after the … Read more

Covid US: At least three fully-vaccinated Hawaiians caught infection

At least three Hawaii residents have been infected with COVID-19, despite being fully vaccinated against the disease.  Vaccine trials showed that the three vaccines approved in the US prevent between 66 and 95 percent of symptomatic infections, but we still do not know how well the vaccines prevent people from catching or spreading coronavirus.  So it’s little … Read more