Upsetting the Chinese, Indians and men with goatee beards: The Duke who often said what he shouldn’t (but the public loved him for it)

Prince Philip was known for his energy and unfailing sense of duty, but perhaps what gained him most attention over the years were his unashamedly non-PC comments. The Duke realised his own capacity for making gaffes, and even had a word for it, ‘Dontopedalogy’. This he described as, ‘The science of opening your mouth and putting … Read more

Indians celebrate Holi festival by hurling coloured powder to each other – despite Covid cases

People in India have come together to celebrate the ‘festival of love’ despite the nation’s coronavirus cases rising above 60,000.  The figures are the highest the country has reported since October, taking its tally to 11.91 million cases. The death toll rose by 291, taking the total toll to 161,240. Despite the rising cases, people … Read more

Furious Indians burn posters of the eco-campaigner after she wades into farmer protests dispute

Furious demonstrators in India have burned photos of teen climate activist Greta Thunberg after she tweeted her support for the country’s protesting farmers, prompting a criminal investigation in the process. Activists from the United Hindu Front, a religious organisation which supports Hindu nationalist Prime Minister Narendra Modi, gathered in the capital New Delhi on Thursday. … Read more

China ‘finds’ five Indians who were ‘kidnapped’ by its soldiers on the disputed Himalayan border

China said yesterday it had ‘found’ five Indians who were believed to have been kidnapped by its soldiers on the Himalayan border last week. The Indian Army said it spoke with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) who confirmed that the youths from Arunachal Pradesh were discovered on their side of the frontier. Seven Indian youngsters … Read more

Indians demand revenge on China after soldiers fought to the death with nail-studded clubs

Indians are demanding revenge on China after soldiers of the nuclear-armed nations brawled with nail-studded clubs leaving up to 70 dead at the disputed Himalayan border.  India’s government was silent today on the fallout from clashes with China’s People’s Liberation Army that the Indian army said claimed 20 soldiers’ lives on Monday night.  China reported … Read more

Police batter thirsty Indians as they rush to buy booze for the first time in 40 days

Police used batons to beat Indians when queues to buy alcohol broke out of control today. Liquor stores reopened for the first time in Indian states and cities including New Delhi following a slight relaxing of rules after 40 days of strict coronavirus lockdown.   Despite carefully drawn chalk circles showing shoppers where to stand to maintain … Read more