Neanderthals could SPEAK just like modern humans

Neanderthals could SPEAK just like modern humans! CT scans of the extinct species’ ears indicate they had the capacity to perceive and produce human speech Scientists used CT cans to model the ear bones of Neanderthals and humans  Then used a custom-built piece of software to determine what they could hear  Found Neanderthals could hear … Read more

Major study predicts how humans will use technology to ‘upgrade’ our lives by 2030

Over the course of the next decade humans will integrate more with technology to ‘upgrade’ our lives including brain chips and exoskeletons, a new report claims. Produced by dentsu, a global advertising and digital agency, the report looks at ways the world could change over the next 10 years and the impact on global brands. … Read more

Humans ‘hastened collapse and extinction’ of the woolly mammoth, says study

Woolly mammoths would have lived another 4,000 years in some parts of Eurasia if it weren’t for human hunters, according to a new study.  Australian experts performed computer simulations of woolly mammoth interactions with humans and climates based on evidence from fossils and ancient DNA. The findings suggested a warming climate forced them further north into smaller … Read more

AI creates artworks ‘indistinguishable’ from works painted by humans 

From abstract expressionist masterpieces to perfect portrayals of the real world, artificial intelligence (AI) can create artworks that are indistinguishable from pieces painted by humans, a new study reveals.  In online surveys, around 200 humans were unable to suss the human-made artworks from the artificial art, the US author reports.  AI art is created by machine … Read more

Robots posing as humans now answer 85% of customer queries online

Hi Rosie, I can see you’re thinking of leaving us,’ a customer services adviser called Ann wrote via the live chat service on my broadband provider’s website. ‘Yes, I’ve been trying to speak to the call centre but I’ve been on hold for 42 minutes.’ ‘I understand that,’ came the message back. But did she? … Read more

Not now bird flu! Russia reports its first ever cases H5N8 virus in humans

Not now bird flu! Russia reports world’s first ever cases of H5N8 flu in humans – but says the virus hasn’t spread between people yet Russian officials diagnosed the human cases of the  H5N8 bird flu virus  The virus spread from birds to workers at a poultry plant in southern Russia  Health officials said patients … Read more

Remains of a 2,000-year-old Bogong moth is first evidence early humans used tools to eat bugs

Scientists in Australia have uncovered the first archaeological evidence of insects being used as a food source by ancient Australian Aboriginal groups. Particles on a grindstone discovered in the foothills of the Australian Alps were determined to be from a Bogong moth, which migrates to the area every summer. The tool, small to be carried … Read more

UN says ‘humans waging suicidal war on nature’ in new report

‘Humans waging suicidal war on nature’: UN says our lifestlyes are accelerating the erosion of life on earth Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned of the triple threat from high pollution, climate change and loss of biodiversity Guterres also offered suggestions of ways out of the crisis in the report called Making Peace With Nature by … Read more

Ancestor of Covid ‘was lurking in animals for MILLIONS of years before infecting humans’

The ancestor of the coronavirus could have been lurking in animals for millions of years before it jumped to humans, a virologist has claimed.  The coronavirus, known scientifically as SARS-CoV-2, became able to infect humans when it mutated while inside an animal and then jumped across species. This happened for the first time last year in … Read more

Mice learned how to be sneaky from living alongside humans, new research suggests 

Mice learned how to be sneaky from living alongside humans, new research suggests Researchers in Germany looked at three populations of house mice for the study Mice which have been with humans longest were best at problem-solving tasks  Tasks included opening lid or window of a Lego house to get a tasty mealworm  By Victoria … Read more