My sister was a devoted doctor… but I couldn’t help her heal herself

‘I was 18 months older but my cheeky little sister was the leader,’ says Esther, who is now 31. ‘She was confident and fiercely intelligent, with a smile that lit up a room’. Esther is pictured left while Rebecca is pictured right As children, Esther and Rebecca Marshall were often mistaken for twins.  ‘I was … Read more

Love Island’s Rebecca Gormley’s arm injury could take nine months to heal

She revealed in February that she underwent surgery correct her injured right arm following an ‘awful’ fall.   And Rebecca Gormley’s boyfriend Biggs Chris, 28, has told how she needs help with daily tasks and she could take up to nine months to heal.  The Love Island star, 22, tore a ligament in her shoulder after … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: How will lobbing more grenades heal the Royal family rift?

Only nine days ago, Meghan and Harry launched several bazookas in the direction of the Royal Family with the assiduous assistance of Oprah Winfrey, firstly on CBS in America and then on ITV. Tens of millions of people watched as Meghan alleged that an unidentified member of the Royal Family was racist, while Harry accused … Read more

Brothers William and Harry can heal their rift, friend reveals

Brothers William and Harry can heal their rift, friend reveals, saying Cambridges are ‘hopeful’ of reconciliation with the Sussexes Sussexes final engagement as working royals was Commonwealth Day Service at Westminster Abbey on March 9, 2020 Harry looked pensive sitting in a row behind  Duke and Duchess of Cambridge As Cambridges arrived to take seats, Kate … Read more

Tory tax civil war as William Hague and Philip Hammond BOTH back hikes to heal public finances

The Tory civil war over tax rages today after Boris Johnson hinted fuel duty will be frozen in tomorrow’s Budget – but Lord Hague warned that taxes will have to rise to heal the public finances. The PM signalled that Rishi Sunak will avoid raising the levy on petrol and diesel as he insisted the economic … Read more

‘Cellular programming’ could enable soldiers to heal own wounds

Sci-fi technology could be used on soldiers to ‘reprogram’ cells and give them Wolverine-like abilities to heal wounds five times faster than the human body US military is working on cell reprogramming to heal wounds  faster The process entails changing cells into different ones like muscle into skin This would allow wounds to heal five … Read more

Elsa McAlonan’s Beauty Upgrades: How to heal your lips with wonder balms

Elsa McAlonan’s Beauty Upgrades: How to heal your lips with wonder balms Elsa McAlonan reveals a selection of lip balms for winter to help heal our skin British beauty expert rounds up the best nourishing hair creams for you to try  She asks if there is a cream that can have the same effect as … Read more

How to heal a heartbreaking family rift 

Every family has disagreements, many harbour (and hide) long-held grudges. But in some cases things will reach a crisis point when something clicks, someone reaches the end of the line, says ‘I’m done here’ and decides to walk away. You might think this is rare, but family estrangement is seldom discussed. As a sociologist and … Read more

April Love Geary credits therapy for helping her ‘heal’ after getting an abortion

April Love Geary opened up to her 178,000 followers about getting an abortion, just a few months before meeting her fiance Robin Thicke at a party back in 2014.  The 26-year-old model, who now shares three children with her soon-to-be husband, 43, spoke candidly about why she does not regret terminating her first pregnancy.  ‘So my abortion … Read more

By refusing to bow out like Richard Nixon, Donald Trump is doing nothing to help America heal

When the end came for Richard Nixon, it was swift and sure. In August 1974, the 37th president of the United States realised that he had no choice but to resign from his country’s highest office. Nixon was hysterical and drunk. He knelt and prayed with Henry Kissinger, his secretary of state. Kissinger hugged him … Read more