Helen Glover and Team GB team-mate Polly Swann finish second in women’s coxless pair semi-final

Helen Glover and Team GB team-mate Polly Swann finish second in women’s coxless pair semi-final… with Greece emerging from nowhere to take first spot ahead of Thursday’s final in Tokyo By Kishan Vaghela For Mailonline Published: 00:15 EDT, 28 July 2021 | Updated: 02:58 EDT, 28 July 2021 Helen Glover and Polly Swann will compete … Read more

Olympic rower Helen Glover trained for Tokyo 2020 when her babies napped after two hours of sleep

Olympic rower Helen Glover trained for Tokyo 2020 while her babies were napping on just TWO HOURS of sleep per night By Lydia Spencer-elliott For Mailonline Published: 05:27 EDT, 23 July 2021 | Updated: 05:27 EDT, 23 July 2021 She’s heading to Tokyo 2020 for her third Olympics as part of Team GB.  And Helen … Read more

Helen Glover is step closer to being first British rower to compete at Olympics after having child

Women’s single sculls (W1x) Victoria Thornley (Club: Leander Club / Hometown: Wrexham) Coach: Paul Reedy Women’s pair (W2-) Helen Glover (Marlow RC / Penzance) Polly Swann (Univ. of Edinburgh & Leander Club / Edinburgh) Coach: Hamish Burrell Lightweight women’s double sculls (LW2x) Emily Craig (University of London BC / Mark Cross) Imogen Grant (Cambridge Univ. … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: Nicola Sturgeon is using our money in her battle to break up Britain

Like most unionists, I have long been in favour of Scotland receiving more than its fair share of public spending. If this was the price of keeping the United Kingdom in one piece, we should pay it. But is it possible that these transfers of money under the so-called Barnett formula are having the opposite … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: You can best judge a Prime Minister by what they do after leaving office

Over the past quarter of a century a dangerous new belief has sprung up in political circles. It is that ex-prime ministers have every right to enrich themselves as much as possible by exploiting the contacts and know-how they acquired in office. Tony Blair has done this on an epic scale. He has made tens … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: Boris Johnson was right to say capitalism won the vaccine war

You can take Boris Johnson out of his newspaper column and plonk him in No 10, but you can’t take the controversialist newspaper columnist out of Boris Johnson. The man who offended many people a few years ago by writing in the Daily Telegraph that Muslim women in burkas ‘look like letterboxes’ has done it … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: How will lobbing more grenades heal the Royal family rift?

Only nine days ago, Meghan and Harry launched several bazookas in the direction of the Royal Family with the assiduous assistance of Oprah Winfrey, firstly on CBS in America and then on ITV. Tens of millions of people watched as Meghan alleged that an unidentified member of the Royal Family was racist, while Harry accused … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: What a grisly week this has been for our country

This has been a crazy week in which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have opened their guns on the Royal Family and the tabloid Press – and received the congratulations of the President of the United States. A week during which in many parts of our country it is deemed inexcusable to question any … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: So whatever Meghan Markle now says must be true (and God help anyone who disagrees!)

There are two sharply divergent views about the Duchess of Sussex. One is held by Piers Morgan, who has just left ITV’s Good Morning Britain breakfast programme in a huff. It is doubtless shared by millions of less voluble Britons. According to Mr Morgan, Meghan’s contribution to the Oprah Winfrey interview was a ‘diatribe of … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: Never mind the Press… the Sussexes have sensationalised their story

Prince Harry has been accused by a Government minister of having ‘blown up’ his family. Zac Goldsmith is right. The damage is enormous, and one can only salute the Queen for her brief and dignified statement last night. In their incendiary interview with Oprah Winfrey, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex set out to destroy … Read more