Gigi Hadid brightens up a gloomy NYC day in a yellow tracksuit while taking Khai for a stroll

Gigi Hadid brightens up a gloomy NYC day in a yellow tracksuit and pink face mask while taking baby Khai for a stroll in Washington Square Park By Sarah Abraham For Published: 22:09 BST, 1 April 2021 | Updated: 22:09 BST, 1 April 2021 Gigi Hadid brought some sunshine to a gloomy NYC day by … Read more

ROBERT HARDMAN: In such a gloomy year, the Queen finds the perfect way to lift our spirits

Even for the most experienced monarch in history, this was a tall order: how do you sum up the worst year in living memory without leaving the nation in floods of tears or reaching for the Off switch? The only solution, therefore, was to accentuate the positives. And that is what the Queen did yesterday … Read more

SAGE’s gloomy Xmas warning | Daily Mail Online

Health Secretary Matt Hancock today tweeted: ‘All parts of the UK now have doses of the coronavirus vaccine’ Every corner of the UK now has received doses of Pfizer/BioNTech’s Covid-19 jab ahead of the start of Britain’s biggest ever vaccination drive tomorrow, Matt Hancock claimed today.  Fifty hospitals are geared up to start administering vaccinations … Read more

Hailey Bieber brightens up the gloomy day with her chic fashion sense

Hailey Bieber brightens up the gloomy day with her chic fashion sense as she braves chilly NYC in a stylish overcoat and skintight leather trousers By Christine Rendon For Published: 20:12 GMT, 30 November 2020 | Updated: 20:12 GMT, 30 November 2020 She is a fashion icon. And Hailey Bieber wasn’t letting the dropping … Read more

SAGE’s gloomy Xmas warning of doubling infections in five days

SAGE’s Christmas warning: Covid cases could ‘easily DOUBLE’ over a few days if restrictions are eased between December 23 and 27, advisers claim SPI-M-O group warned of massive surges in infections as a result of Christmas This would be because people will mix with those they would not normally see Britons will be able to … Read more

Boris Johnson blasts ‘gloomy’ Covid economic forecast and vows NO income tax or VAT rise before 2024

Boris Johnson has lashed out at ‘gloomy’ predictions of coronavirus woe, telling MPs they were too negative because they were made before last week’s vaccine breakthroughs. The Prime Minister made the comment as he addressed anxious backbenchers last night in the wake of Rishi Sunak’s spending review, which revealed the scale of the problem facing … Read more

ROSS CLARK: The 4,000 deaths ‘fact’ that made gloomy experts squabble like schoolboys

Faced with a barrage of questions about the dubious graphs they wheeled out during Saturday night’s Halloween Horror press conference, Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty spent much of yesterday’s Commons select committee hearing shifting in their seats. But there was one question in particular that got Sir Gloom and Professor Doom extremely hot … Read more

HENRY DEEDES watches the Prime Minister’s latest gloomy coronavirus briefing 

The three amigos were back, slack-shouldered, heavy-footed, each bearing new doses of grief and gloom. Yesterday’s coronavirus briefing was a strange thing. We were told that little had changed and yet were put on notice that, soon, everything might. Green shoots? Chinks of light? Put those firmly out of your mind for now. Once again, … Read more

HENRY DEEDES watches Patrick Vallance and Chris Whitty’s gloomy message to the nation

 Anyone awaking bleary-eyed from a weekend of grog-soaked revelry might well have assumed there had been an overnight coup.  All across the airwaves, whichever way you turned, were what looked like two mildly sinister government agents, wearing dark suits and pale shirts, both carrying that answerable-to-no-one air of officialdom. Their tone was severe, their message … Read more