Archbishop of Canterbury urges society to ‘choose a better future for all’

Maskless Archbishop of Canterbury urges society to ‘choose a better future for all’, not just the rich and powerful, during socially distanced Easter Sunday service Archbishop of Canterbury called on society to ‘choose a better future for all’ Justin Welby said the country had a ‘choice’ to make over the coming years   Message comes after … Read more

UK’s vaccine rollout will serve as a ‘blueprint for future disease prevention’, NHS chief says

UK’s world-beating vaccine rollout will serve as a ‘blueprint for future disease prevention’, NHS chief says as bin men help doctors identify those in need Key success has been merging of services, said NHS chief Sir Simon Stevens  He touted collaboration between NHS, charities, faith groups and armed forces Sir Simon also said the coronavirus … Read more

Covid pandemic memorabilia – including Captain Tom books – could be antiques of future, says expert

Is your home Covid testing kit a future money-maker? Expert predicts pandemic memorabilia will soar in value, with Sir Captain Tom Moore’s autograph worth £25,000 by 2121 Antique experts have predicted everyday items from this year could be viewed by future generations the way we view Word War memorabilia  Items predicted to soon be valuable … Read more

Porsche aims to prove e-fuel can give combustion engines a future

Porsche aims to prove e-fuels can give combustion engines a future beyond 2030 when petrol and diesel cars are banned from sale Porsche bosses have said banning combustion engines is a wrong decision German brand says law makers should be prohibiting the burning of fossil fuels Car maker is developing its own e-fuel that cuts CO2 … Read more

Hayden Panettiere in a ‘wonderful headspace’ and is ‘excited about the future’

Hayden Panettiere has taken major strides forward in her life and mental health following her allegedly abusive relationship with ex Brian Hickerson.  ‘Hayden is in a wonderful headspace. Things are so much better and she’s really excited about her future. She’s got a few projects in the works,’ a source told People on Friday. Panettiere, 31, has … Read more

Israel election results show nation is deeply divided over Benjamin Netanyahu’s future

The final results from Israel’s fourth election in two years show a nation deeply divided over whether Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should remain in office. Netanyahu and his right-wing allies fell short of winning a parliamentary majority, according to a final vote count released on Thursday. The Prime Minister and his allies captured 52 seats, … Read more

La La Anthony plans for the future by securing Bitcoin with @Gemini, the cryptocurrency app

La La Anthony plans for her family’s future by securing some Bitcoin with the help of @Gemini, the cryptocurrency app By Kelby Vera For Published: 16:18 GMT, 24 March 2021 | Updated: 16:26 GMT, 24 March 2021 La La Anthony knows how to think ahead, always in front of the curve as an actress … Read more

Snaps reveal what people from the past thought the future would be like

Back to the future: Retro images reveal predictions for how life would look today with people walking on water and airplanes with pools (but sat nav and video calls weren’t too far off!) Retro snaps show what people from decades ago thought today would look like The snaps including their predictions for modern mobile phones … Read more