Pandemic planning shambles: Hushed-up government drill on killer flu outbreak

A government pandemic response drill four years ago found that the UK was woefully under-prepared to fight a future outbreak, it was revealed last night. The shortcomings exposed by Exercise Cygnus in 2016 included a lack of capacity in hospital and social care settings which risked becoming overwhelmed. Checking Britain had a sufficient supply of … Read more

Wearing a Fitbit could spot when you’re coming down with flu… before you even have any symptoms

A Fitbit could spot when you’re coming down with flu – before symptoms have even developed. Researchers analysed 60 days of data from 47,248 Fitbit users living in the US to try and predict when they would get sick.  Tell-tale signs someone was about to get ill were higher heart rates than normal or excessive … Read more

Millennials are LEAST likely generation to get flu shot and experts think anti-vaxxers are to blame 

Millennials are the least likely generation to get a flu shot because they are ‘too busy’ and the majority say they agree with some anti-vaxxer ideas A new survey found 55% of millennials said they didn’t get the flu shot this year  Most said it was because they didn’t have time or they’d forgotten to get … Read more

Flu widespread in nearly all 50 states and deaths have increased 65%

Flu panic for nearly every state as experts warn that the virus has killed more than 30 children and deaths have surged by 65% in the new year New figures from the CDC show that 9.7 million people have fallen ill and 87,000 people have been hospitalized Since January 1, 4,800 people have died, marking … Read more

Heartbroken family of healthy girl, 16, reveal she died just a week after getting flu

An Ohio teenager fell ill with flu on Christmas Eve. She died on New Year’s Eve.  In the last several weeks, nearly 40 children have died of the flu as the virus spreads across the US early.  Kaylee Roberts is among the latest children to succumb to the virus.  The 16-year-old had been otherwise healthy … Read more

Coronavirus is ten times deadlier than the 2009 swine flu pandemic which killed 200,000, WHO reveals

Coronavirus is ten times deadlier than the 2009 swine flu pandemic and a vaccine will be needed to halt it, the World Health Organisation has said. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus told a virtual briefing from Geneva the organisation was constantly learning about the bug sweeping the globe. The incredibly contagious infection has now killed … Read more