Why the next flu season may be worse than ever: Experts fear this year will leave us exposed… 

There have been few silver linings during the pandemic, but the latest data on flu infections is one of them. While Covid has been running amok over the past year — infecting four million people in the UK and taking the lives of more than 120,000 — flu has been virtually eradicated. Latest figures from … Read more

Britain WON’T have to live with Covid like flu because it will become like measles, top expert says

Sage member Professor Devi Sridhar has said Britain will not have to live with Covid like flu because its prominence in society will be more like measles Britain might not have to live with coronavirus in the future because the current crop of vaccines are so effective, a top Government scientist expert has claimed. Most scientists … Read more

Falling immunity levels could trigger ‘more severe epidemic’ of the flu this winter, experts warn 

Social distancing measures put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic may trigger a resurgence of flu cases next winter, scientists have warned. Experts fear we are likely to face a ‘severe epidemic in the coming months’ once restrictions are fully lifted as levels of immunity are less than they would be typically.  It comes … Read more

Not now bird flu! Russia reports its first ever cases H5N8 virus in humans

Not now bird flu! Russia reports world’s first ever cases of H5N8 flu in humans – but says the virus hasn’t spread between people yet Russian officials diagnosed the human cases of the  H5N8 bird flu virus  The virus spread from birds to workers at a poultry plant in southern Russia  Health officials said patients … Read more

French and Italian doctors shun Oxford vaccine after suffering ‘high-intensity flu symptoms’

Now French and Italian doctors shun Oxford vaccine after EU cast doubts on its efficacy and Macron ‘managed demand’ by claiming it is less effective in over-60s In France, 149 cases of symptoms were reported by staff with average age of 34 French authorities have not offered jab at all to those over 65 due … Read more

Matt Hancock hopes ‘treatable’ virus will become a disease we can ‘live with, like we do flu’

Covid will be with us long-term: Matt Hancock hopes ‘treatable’ virus will become a disease we can ‘live with, like we do flu’ within 12 months as he says all adults will likely be offered a vaccine ‘a bit before’ September Matt Hancock says he expects every adult to be offered vaccine by September  The … Read more

Children who receive a flu shot are less likely to suffer symptoms from COVID-19

Children who receive a seasonal flu jab are less likely to suffer symptoms from a COVID-19 infection, promising study finds US-based researchers looked at a group of more than 900 children in Arkansas Half were vaccinated with the seasonal flu jab and half had not been given it   Data shows children that have received a … Read more

Samantha Cameron accused of breaking BIRD FLU rules due to photos

Samantha Cameron has been accused of breaching Government rules designed to curb the spread of dangerous bird flu strains. Former Prime Minister David Cameron‘s wife – a successful businesswoman and fashion designer – posted a snap of four roaming hens outside on December 31. But her followers on social media soon accused her of breaking … Read more

Olivia Attwood reveals she ‘survived’ COVID-19 and swine flu

In the years since rising to fame on Love Island, she’s become known for using her Instagram account as a space to candidly share her thoughts with fans. And Olivia Atwood made some more revelations during a session on the image-sharing platform on Friday, when she disclosed that she has successfully battled both the novel … Read more

Cull of 127,000 ducks begins in desperate bid to stop latest bird flu outbreak from spreading

A cull of 127,000 ducks has begun in a desperate bid to stop the UK’s latest outbreak of deadly bird flu from spreading.  The highly pathogenic H5N8 strain of Avian Influenza has infected a flock being reared for Britain’s largest duck producer Gressingham Foods at Ickburgh, near Thetford, Norfolk. The birds on the farm, and … Read more