Police arrest girl, 15, and 28-year-old woman after female’s body was found in house in Teesside 

Police arrest girl, 15, and 28-year-old woman after female’s body was found in house in Teesside Cleveland Police confirmed a 15-year-old girl and 28-year-old woman arrested Comes after woman’s body was found close to the centre of Thornaby, Teesside Spokesman said police were called by ambulance colleagues to an address  By Emer Scully For Mailonline … Read more

Competition among human females likely contributed to concealed ovulation

Prehistoric competition among human females contributed to ‘concealed ovulation’ – a lack of any notable physical clues that a woman is fertile, experts say.  Using computational models, US researchers found evidence that concealed ovulation evolved to allow females to hide their fertility status from other females. This would have helped avoid female conflict, perhaps driven by aggression … Read more

Male students from elite universities get £4,000 more pay than females in their first jobs

The gender pay gap among recent graduates is widest for those who went to Britain’s elite universities, a study has found. Men who studied at one of the selective Russell Group institutions earn on average £28,000 within 15 months of graduating, compared to £24,000 for female peers.   The £4,000 salary gulf is larger than that … Read more

EXC: Eva Longoria insists the COVID crisis is worse for females

Eva Longoria has stated that the coronavirus pandemic has been harder for women and called for females to care for their mental health.  Speaking exclusively to MailOnline, the Desperate Housewives star, 45, discussed the importance for women’s mental health being nurtured in the current climate and voiced her concern for females as they act as … Read more

Experts find some male butterflies force a ‘chastity belt’ on females to stop advances from rivals

Reproduction is a driving force across the animal kingdom, with creatures developing diverse strategies to ensure their genes are passed on. Some male butterflies employ a unique technique – they force the female into a ‘chastity belt’ that prevents her from reproducing with other suitors. In response, some females seemed to have evolved larger, more … Read more