Instagram influencers EXPOSED for posing with unopened products

Instagram influencers are EXPOSED for posing with products that have never been opened in cringeworthy sponsored posts By Monique Friedlander For Daily Mail Australia Published: 03:39 BST, 8 April 2021 | Updated: 04:22 BST, 8 April 2021 It’s no secret that influencers can make a handsome living from promoting products on Instagram. But eagle-eyed fans … Read more

Incredible images reveal how cells exposed to AstraZeneca’s vaccine produce the key spike protein

Scientists have produced stunning images showing exactly what happens to the cells of a person who is injected with the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine.  Images reveal how the jab forces the injected person’s own cells to make replicas of the real coronavirus spike, a glycoprotein, which sticks out from its surface.  The spikes on the surface … Read more

Oww! Scientists discover the molecule in tooth cells that signals the brain when exposed to cold

There’s little as excruciating as biting into a cold ice-cream and feeling an awful jolt of pain, especially if you’ve been a bit lax in the dental hygiene department. Researchers from the US and Germany have finally gotten to the root of this pain — identifying the specific cells in teeth, odontoblasts, that sense cold temperatures. … Read more

Babies exposed to two languages prefer baby talk, study finds

It’s something that many parents do without thinking, but if you use ‘baby talk’ with your child, you may unknowingly be helping them to learn.  A new study has revealed that babies really do prefer baby talk, and pay more attention to its exaggerated, sing-song tones.    While previous research has shown that monolingual babies prefer … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon under pressure after bombshell messages exposed

Nicola Sturgeon is facing demands for answers today after a Tory MP revealed bombshell messages suggesting her chief of staff was ‘interfering’ in the complaints process about the Alex Salmond case. Pressure is mounting on the First Minister for an explanation after Former Cabinet minister David Davis used Parliamentary privilege to reveal messages indicating senior aide … Read more

The REAL names of Married At First Sight participants exposed

The REAL names of Married At First Sight participants exposed: Inside the surprising pseudonyms used by this year’s cast Do you know more? Email [email protected]  By Monique Friedlander For Daily Mail Australia Published: 05:30 GMT, 11 March 2021 | Updated: 05:30 GMT, 11 March 2021 Married At First Sight‘s newlywed couples have become household names … Read more

Dolce & Gabbana files $600million lawsuit against Diet Prada bloggers who exposed racist messages

Dolce & Gabbana filed a defamation suit in an Italian court in 2019 seeking more than $600 million in damages from two American fashion bloggers, it has recently been revealed. Bloggers for Diet Prada, a fashion watchdog group, Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler exposed racist messages attributed to founder Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram account in 2018. … Read more

Melissa Rawson’s 12-year affair with a married man is exposed on Married At First Sight

Melissa Rawson revealed she’d had a 12-year affair with a married man on Wednesday’s episode of Married At First Sight. The 31-year-old’s bombshell confession left her ‘husband’ Bryce Ruthven stunned as she revealed their romance only ended a year ago. Participants on the hit reality show were tasked with writing letters to their spouses, confessing something … Read more

Why the next flu season may be worse than ever: Experts fear this year will leave us exposed… 

There have been few silver linings during the pandemic, but the latest data on flu infections is one of them. While Covid has been running amok over the past year — infecting four million people in the UK and taking the lives of more than 120,000 — flu has been virtually eradicated. Latest figures from … Read more

Soldiers exposed to explosions during combat at ‘higher risk’ of Alzheimer’s

Soldiers exposed to explosions during combat face higher risk of Alzheimer’s – even if they do not suffer traumatic brain damage, scientists warn Blasts from explosions can damage connections between neurons and the brain   These small changes can be undetected as there are no obvious initial symptoms But they can lead to neurological issues in later life and … Read more