Only 2% of dog thieves are charged while pet-napping affects 200 families each month, experts warn

Ruff justice: Only 2% of dog thieves are charged and failure to tackle pet-napping is causing misery for 200 families each month, experts warn Government launched a pet theft taskforce in May – but 508 dogs stolen since Kennel Club says thefts being treated as ‘petty crime’ and wants tougher laws Elaine Hardy, 50, left … Read more

Stop treating scammers’ victims as second-class citizens, say experts

Consumer champion Martin Lewis says there is not enough sympathy for fraud victims, and is calling for a police crackdown on the ‘almost unpunished crime’. The Money Saving Expert founder warns that those who fall prey to scammers are seen as ‘lesser victims’ because people wrongly assume that they have the money to spare. He … Read more

Lock into a rock bottom mortgage rate while you can, say experts

There has never been a better time for homeowners to lock into rock bottom mortgage rates say experts, as deals launch with LESS THAN 1% interest By Jeff Prestridge, Financial Mail on Sunday Published: 21:51 BST, 5 June 2021 | Updated: 10:53 BST, 6 June 2021 Mortgage experts believe there has never been a better … Read more

Food costs drop but experts warn price hikes are coming on Brexit red-tape and rising shipping fees

Food costs are still going down… but experts warn that price hikes are on the horizon over Brexit red-tape and rising shipping costs Food prices fell by 0.3 per cent in May compared to the same month last year Annual fall in fresh food prices was 1 per cent, following April’s 1.5 per cent drop … Read more

2021 will have an ‘above average’ number of hurricanes, experts warn, as season is starting earlier

There’s stormy weather ahead, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which has updated its Climate Prediction Center to indicate an uptick in named storms and hurricanes. While NOAA had been using the period between 1981 to 2000 as the 30-year period of record to make estimates about upcoming hurricane seasons, it is now … Read more

Experts reveal classic children’s books could be worth thousands

If you were a big reader when you were a child, your bookshelf could well be worth a fortune,’ according to experts.  Oxbridge Home Learning has analysed the value of hundreds of classic books, from The Hobbit to The Tale Of Peter Rabbit. The results found that if you have a True First Hardcover Edition … Read more

What fund experts say you should put in your 2021 Isa

Tomorrow’s easing of lockdown restrictions will be at the forefront of many people’s minds as they plan a mini-spending spree at their local shops. But canny investors among them will not have forgotten that a new opportunity to invest tax-efficiently in the months ahead has just begun.  One that should be used – despite the … Read more

Defer your state pension payments and make thousands more, experts say

People who hold off receiving their state pension when they become eligible for the cash could be thousands of pounds better off in their retirement, experts claim. The state pension this week increased to £179.60 a week or roughly £9,300 a year for those who qualify for the full rate new state pension introduced in … Read more

Experts warn a physically strenuous job is not a substitute for exercise 

Health alert for workers with no time for workouts as experts warn a physically strenuous job is not a substitute for exercise Researchers believe those who have physical jobs are less inclined to exercise Manual work could even raise the risk of dying early from a heart attack or stroke They say exertions at work do … Read more

Are you using perfume wrong? Beauty experts reveal their ultimate fragrance guide

Are you using perfume wrong? Beauty experts reveal their ultimate fragrance guide – and why you should NEVER just have one on the go The beauty experts from Mecca have revealed a concise guide to using perfume It’s important to own a ‘signature scent’ and build a ‘wardrobe’ of fragrances While there are no rules, it … Read more