Experimental drug cuts risk of hospitalized COVID-19 patients needing a ventilator by 54%,

A new drug may help improve the conditions of severely ill coronavirus patients, new trial data suggest.  Lenzilumab, developed by Humanigen Inc, has anti-inflammatory properties that scientists believe can control the immune system’s overreaction to the virus.  When given in combination with other treatments, hospitalized patients were 54 percent more likely to survive without the … Read more

Experimental Covid drug may alleviate symptoms within just TWO hours

An experimental drug that may stop Covid symptoms in critically-ill patients in just two hours is set to enter phase three trials, Israeli scientists say.  Results on Allocetra show all but two of 21 patients given the drug were discharged from hospitals six days after the trial, on average. No deaths were recorded.  Covid patients … Read more

Experimental cancer drug hailed as coronavirus ‘cure’ by Israeli hospital

An experimental cancer drug could help hospitalised coronavirus recover quicker, researchers believe. Israeli academics today claimed 29 of 30 patients with moderate to severe case of Covid treated with EXO-CD24 made a full recovery within five days.  Further human trials are now needed to prove that the inhaled drug – designed as a medication to fight … Read more

Experimental antiviral drug stopped coronavirus transmission in ferrets within 24 HOURS

An experimental oral antiviral drug completely suppressed coronavirus transmission within 24 hours, a new study suggests. The medications, called molnupiravir, prevents the virus from multiplying itself, therefore preventing it from spreading throughout the body. Researchers found the drug blocked ferrets infected with COVID-19 from spreading the disease to one another, but those not given the … Read more

Experimental drug can reverse age-related cognitive decline within THREE DAYS, new mouse study finds

Scientists believe they may have created the first drug that reverses age-related cognitive decline in just days.     It works by rebooting the protein production machinery of the cells in our brains after it gets smothered by a stress response from our body. Research conducted on aged mice showed the compound restored memory and mental flexibility as … Read more

Experimental thyroid hormone treatment could prevent lung failure in COVID-19 patients

An experimental thyroid hormone treatment could block lung failure and speed up recovery in patients with severe cases of coronavirus, new research suggests. Scientists say those in respiratory distress, often lack T3, which reduces inflammation and plays a role in cells along the lining of the lungs absorbing fluids  To see if it would work … Read more

Energy: Experimental fusion reactor in the UK successfully produces its first super-hot ‘plasma’

In a step towards cleaner and safer nuclear energy using the same reactions that power the Sun, a UK experimental fusion reactor has powered on for the first time. Fusion power works by colliding heavy hydrogen atoms to form helium — releasing vast amounts of energy in the process, as occurs naturally in the centre … Read more

Chinese experimental Covid-19 vaccine is safe and produces an immune response 

Hopes of getting a Covid-19 vaccine were boosted again today after an experimental Chinese jab was found to be safe and produce an immune response.  Every volunteer given a double-dose of state-owned firm Sinopharm’s vaccine made antibodies against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes Covid-19.  In theory, this would protect them from catching the virus again … Read more

‘Potent’ experimental Covid-19 drug given to Trump is set to be rolled out to 30 UK hospitals

The experimental coronavirus drug being given to Donald Trump is to be rolled out to 30 or 40 UK hospitals this week as it is deemed ‘very potent’ by UK scientists. Oxford University professor Peter Horby said UK patients began receiving REGN-COV2, made by Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, last weekend as part of Oxford University’s national Recovery trial.  … Read more

Trump is being treated for coronavirus with an experimental drug first developed for Ebola

President Donald Trump‘s physician confirmed Friday night he is being treated for COVID-19 with experimental Ebola drug remdesivir.  For patients hospitalized with COVID-19, the FDA has given emergency-use of the intravenous antiviral drug sold by Gilead Sciences Inc, which has been shown to shorten hospital stays.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that patients being given … Read more