Alicia Keys embraces the moment and her sons Genesis, six, and Egypt, 10, while she can on Instagram

Alicia Keys embraces the moment and her sons Genesis, six, and Egypt, 10, while she can on Instagram By Paul Chavez For Published: 02:28 BST, 9 April 2021 | Updated: 02:44 BST, 9 April 2021 Alicia Keys embraced her sons in a tender photo posted Thursday on Instagram. The 40-year-old singer shared an outdoors … Read more

Fashion designer Wayne Cooper lists his glamorous Tamarama home for $10.5 million

Fashion designer Wayne Cooper lists his glamorous Tamarama home for $10.5million By D. Lawrance For Daily Mail Australia Published: 04:29 BST, 8 April 2021 | Updated: 04:31 BST, 8 April 2021 It was briefly home to Gerard Butler when he filmed Gods of Egypt in Sydney in 2015. And fashion designer Wayne Cooper has now … Read more

New book unveils the stories behind everyday symbols

A fascinating new book has revealed how punctuation and symbols have developed over thousands of years.   Claire Cock-Starkey’s new non-fiction Hyphens & Hashtags explores how punctuation such as full-stops, commas and exclamation marks have come to be part of our day-to-day writings. While the question mark is believed to come from Ancient Egypt, where they … Read more

Egypt’s first female ship captain blamed her for blocking Suez Canal in fake rumours

Egypt’s first female ship’s captain say ‘fake news’ reports blamed her for blocking the Suez Canal despite her being hundreds of miles away Marwa Elselehdar was first mate in command of the Aida IV in Alexandria Online rumours spread that she had caused the Ever Given to run aground  She was the youngest and first … Read more

Egypt holds spectacular parade transporting 22 mummies of its most famous pharaohs to museum

Egypt held a spectacular parade to transport 22 mummies of its most famous pharaohs from central Cairo to their new resting place at a museum. The ceremony snaked along the Nile corniche from the Egyptian Museum overlooking Tahrir Square to the newly opened National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Fustat, Cairo, where Egypt’s first Islamic … Read more

Egypt seeks $1bn compensation for Ever Given crisis which blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week

Egypt is expecting more than $1 billion (£722 million) in compensation after a cargo ship blocked the Suez Canal for nearly a week, according to the top canal official. Suez Canal Authority (SCA) CEO Ossama Rabei also warned the ship and its some $3.5 billion (£2.5 billion) worth of cargo will not be allowed leave … Read more

Indian crew of Ever Given face ARREST as Egyptian authorities probe crash on Suez Canal

Fears are growing that the pilots and crew onboard the massive container ship that blocked the Suez Canal could face arrest and be ‘made scapegoats’ for the incident as investigators continue to search for the cause of the grounding that strangled global trade. Union officials fear the 25-man Indian crew onboard the 220,000-ton Ever Given, which … Read more

Uncorking the Suez: Dozens of supertankers trapped for a week FINALLY start flooding through

The first of hundreds of trapped ships snaked their way through a newly unblocked Suez Canal on Monday as the saga over the waterway seems to be coming to an end.    The bow of the 220,000-ton Ever Given container ship was finally dislodged from the channel’s bank on Monday and towed up the waterway after tugboats … Read more

Drought caused by volcanic eruption led Egyptians to abandon Berenike 2,100 years ago

Climate change has been influencing human development for thousands of years, according to scientists examining why a well-fortified port city in Egypt was suddenly abandoned more than 2,100 years ago. Berenike, also known as Berenike Troglodytica, was a fortified city founded in 275 BC by Macedonian pharaoh Ptolemy II, who named it after his mother, … Read more