Ready for their closeup! Astonishing drone footage shows a close encounter with a family of orcas

Ready for their closeup! Astonishing drone footage shows the moment a Russian expedition has a close encounter with a curious family of orcas Divers off the coast of Sakhalin Island in Russia spotted a pod of seven orca whales swimming together Expedition leader Mike Korostelev, 39, located the whales using a drone after six days of … Read more

Researchers built drone with tiny microphones that can find screaming humans in a natural disaster 

Researchers in Germany have developed a drone that can locate humans by their screams. Rather than a terrifying ‘Terminator’-like scenario, the autonomous devices would be used to assist first responders in rescuing hard-to-find survivors after a natural disaster. The engineers recorded themselves making sounds someone in jeopardy might create, like screams, bangs and claps. Then … Read more

British-built solar powered drone can fly at 70,000ft for a YEAR

A British-built solar powered drone with a 115ft wingspan that can stay in the air for over a year will be an alternative to low Earth orbit satellites, its developers claim. PHASA-35 is a cutting edge drone being developed by BAE systems at their facility in Warton, Lancashire that can fly about at 70,000ft above … Read more

Drone ‘bus’ able to carry 40 people from NYC to the Hamptons for just $85 in 2024

Drone ‘bus’ able to carry 40 people at a time will let New Yorkers fly to the Hamptons for just $85 – a fraction of the cost of a helicopter – but start-up creators say it won’t be ready until 2024 A startup is designing a drone bus to compete with public transportation  The vehicle … Read more

Navy’s tanker drone makes history by refueling manned aircraft for first time 

US Navy makes history as unmanned tanker drone refuels a fighter jet for the first time The Navy F/A-18 Super Hornet connected to the Boeing-owned MQ-25 Stingray drone mid-air Friday  The drone then transfered 325 pounds of fuel to the fighter jet near MidAmerica Airport in Mascoutah, Illinois  Footage shows the moment the Super Hornet … Read more

Drone flyer claims he has proof there are UFOs flying around his suburb on the Gold Coast

Man claims he has PROOF there are UFOs flying around on the Gold Coast after a mysterious ‘car-sized object’ hit his drone George Csere claims his drone was ‘struck’ by a large object on the Gold Coast Incident was in January last year, with Mr Csere uploading his experience online His You Tube video was … Read more

The Kremlin accuses ‘Ukrainian beasts’ of executing a boy, 5, with a drone

Moscow has furiously claimed a boy named Vladik died when an unmanned aerial vehicle struck a village in rebel held eastern Ukraine known as Donbass. Pictured: Vladik, 5, allegedly killed by drone A boy aged five ‘killed by a Kyiv drone’ has become an alarming new flashpoint as tension spirals amid claims Russia is moving military … Read more

Drone captures stunning footage of a giant reindeer ‘cyclone’ in the Arctic Circle

Breathtaking drone video taken in the Arctic Circle captured a spellbinding reindeer ‘cyclone.’  When threatened, reindeer will begin to stampede in a circle, making it hard for a predator to find an individual target. In the clip, the herd’s fawns and does are in the middle of the swirl with the bucks running around them … Read more

The Inside of the ‘Caspian Sea Monster’ – drone images show Soviet-era flying machine

These stunning images reveal the inside of the secret Soviet-era flying machine which is set to become a tourist attraction in Dagestan, southern Russia.  The Lun-class ekranoplan, dubbed the ‘Caspian Sea Monster’, was discovered by the USA during the Cold War and dragged onto the beach in Derbent in July 2020.  The colossal piece of … Read more

KLM airline pilot Nick de Jonge is flying high on Instagram thanks to amazing drone photography 

Pictures of Holland that show just why the airline pilot who took them is flying high on Instagram Nick de Jonge flies Boeing 737s for KLM as a first officer – and he has 20,000 Instagram followers When you see his photography, you’ll see why – it’s regularly jaw-dropping. From the ground and the air … Read more