Adorable baby dinosaur’s footprint is just 6cm long and is the smallest stegosaur print EVER found

Dino-mite find! Adorable baby dinosaur’s footprint discovered in China is just 6cm long and is the smallest stegosaur print EVER found Footprint was found in the Xinjiang Province in northwestern China by experts   It measures just 2.24 inches (5.7cm) long and is thought to belong to a stegosaur  Expect that the animal that made it was … Read more

Neuralink could create ‘exotic species’ of dinosaurs, co-founder says

US technology company Neuralink could create ‘novel exotic species’ of dinosaurs in just 15 years, according to Max Hodak, one of its co-founders. Hodak is an American entrepreneur and technologist who co-founded the contentious neurotechnology firm with Elon Musk. The firm, known for putting a computer chip in the brain of a pig, could ‘probably build … Read more

Crocodiles survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs due to ‘snappy evolution’

Crocodiles survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs 66million years ago due to ‘snappy evolution’ that saw the animals flourish on land AND in the oceans Experts studied over 200 skulls and jaws of crocodiles and their extinct species Some extinct crocodile groups evolved very fast over millions of year  Today’s crocodiles and … Read more

Incredible map reveals details British dinosaurs on small tropical islands

A new map showing the location of a series of small tropical islands 200 million years ago in the area that is now Bristol sheds new light on how British dinosaurs lived.  University of Bristol researchers examined hundreds of pieces of data including historic literature describing the region as being like the Florida Everglades. The … Read more

Sandra Oh is hilariously photobombed by sledding dinosaurs at the Golden Globes

Sandra Oh was hilariously photobombed by sledding dinosaurs as she presented at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday. Fans went wild as the Killing Eve actress, 49, recited a serious introduction to the film Palm Springs from a snowy field, as two dinosaur figurines were pulled on a sled behind her. The star said: ‘Finding someone … Read more

Palaeontology: Young giant carnivorous dinosaurs made up a significant portion of the population

If you thought the ‘youths’ of today were bad, think again — for teenage T. rex and adolescent Allosaurus outcompeted smaller rival species for food, a study found. US experts found that the young of giant carnivorous dinosaurs, or megatheropods, acted as their own ecological entity in both the Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods. They were so … Read more

Dinosaurs WERE wiped out by asteroid 66m years ago, dust found in a crater confirms

Asteroid dust found beneath an impact crater confirms a leading theory that it was a space rock that killed the dinosaurs and 75% of life on Earth 66 million years ago. Researchers from the University of Texas at Austin studied 900 metres of rock core samples from below the seafloor under the Chicxulub crater in … Read more

KATIE HIND: Sexist old dinosaurs who are afraid of intelligent women

We’ve all heard the dumb blonde jokes, and the sexism that goes with them. Sprinkle a spot of intellect, ambition and charm into the mix and it ramps up things for those of the male race who are feeling particularly embittered with their lot. Just ask Carrie Symonds – she knows quite a lot about … Read more

Dip in atmospheric CO2 200million years ago helped dinosaurs migrate from South America to Greenland

Sauropod dinosaurs emerged in South America some 230 million years ago, but despite living during the supercontinent Pangea it took them 15 million years to reach Greenland – when it should have taken 20 years. A team from Colombia University suggests a ‘climatic phenomenon’ may have allowed the enormous creatures to finally make the journey. … Read more

Scientists discover how crocodiles survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs

Crocodiles survived the asteroid strike that wiped out the dinosaurs thanks to their ‘versatile’ and ‘efficient’ body shape, that allowed them to cope with the enormous environmental changes triggered by the impact, according to new research. Crocodiles can thrive in or out of water and live in complete darkness. They are also very robust, meaning … Read more