Freeskier captures his descent down a mountain gully

Skier captures his descent down a mountain gully as snow flows and ‘bubbles’ around him like water in hypnotic footage Miles Clark, 42, filmed incredible video in the Ruby Mountains of Nevada   Footage shows him slaloming down a narrow chute on one of the mountains  He made the run on the famous ‘Terminal Cancer Couloir’ … Read more

Soar down to Mars with Perseverance! NASA shares video from the rover’s view during its descent

NASA‘s Perseverance rover may have performed the ‘seven minutes of terror’ alone, but a new video of the descent makes viewers feel as if they too were along for the ride. The American space agency shared the clip on Twitter, which begins with the heat shield separating that allowed Perseverance’s cameras to ‘see’ a cratered … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance rover, parachute, heat shield and descent stage spotted on Mars by ESA

NASA‘s Perseverance rover, the parachute that helped it land and the descent stage have been spotted on Mars by the European Space Agency’s (ESA) ExoMars orbiter. The rover first landed on the Red Planet on February 18 after a hair raising ‘7 minutes of terror’ descent to the Martian surface that saw it slowed down … Read more

Demi Moore, 58, and daughter Tallulah Willis, 25, join the A-list descent on Paris for Fashion Week

Demi Moore, 58, and daughter Tallulah Willis, 25, join the A-list descent on Paris for haute couture Fashion Week despite ongoing COVID-19 pandemic By Ciara Farmer For Mailonline Published: 13:28 GMT, 26 January 2021 | Updated: 13:33 GMT, 26 January 2021 Demi Moore and her daughter Tallulah Willis arrived in Paris on Tuesday alongside a … Read more

Corey Feldman recalls how Joel Schumacher tried to ‘prevent his descent’ in tribute to the director

Corey Feldman says Joel Schumacher tried to ‘prevent [his] descent’ into drugs when he was battling addiction as a teenage movie star. Feldman paid tribute to the late filmmaker following his death Monday, calling him a ‘a legendary director, a friend, an influence, & a supporter’ via Twitter. The troubled actor, 48, explained how Schumacher was … Read more