Toughest spot the snake picture ever in Sunshine Coast with serpent hiding in dense bush

Toughest spot the snake picture EVER as bush camouflage baffles reptile experts leaving some questioning whether it’s a hoax – so can you see it? Sunshine Coast snakecatcher challenges Facebook followers to spot the snake He makes it very difficult with a dense forest photo and asks for the species Followers wrestled with the teaser … Read more

Mysterious blobs of dense rock could be remnants of the ancient planet Theia, study finds 

Blobs of rock lurking deep inside the planet could be the last remaining pieces of Theia, an early world that collided with Earth billions of years ago, a new study claims. The moon is thought to have formed from a ‘giant impact’ early in the evolution of the solar system when a Mars-sized planet called Theia collided … Read more

Researchers map hot, dense structures in the Earth’s mantle for the first time

What lies beneath: Researchers map hot, dense structures in the Earth’s mantle for the first time using a technique developed to explore deep space Experts from Baltimore, US, repurposed an algorithm known as the Sequencer This tool can automatically pick out trends from within large-scale datasets The team used it to analyse thousands of seismograms from … Read more

How missing hikers survived a 19 day ordeal lost in dense bush in New Zealand

Hikers, 23, who spent 19 DAYS lost in the bush reveal how they survived – and why finding a footprint saved their lives Two campers survived 18 days missing in the remote New Zealand wilderness  Dion Reynolds and Jessica O’Connor went camping in Kahurangi National Park  The seasoned wilderness hikers never returned home on May … Read more