Eva Longoria reveals Oscar De La Hoya DARED her to get a tattoo

Eva Longoria reveals Oscar De La Hoya DARED her to get a tattoo as she shares photo from the inking in honor of his 48th birthday By Sam Joseph Semon For Dailymail.com Published: 17:06 GMT, 6 February 2021 | Updated: 17:09 GMT, 6 February 2021 Eva Longoria was in a celebratory mood on Friday. The … Read more

STEPHEN GLOVER: A triumph for those who dared to love their country – and I can barely believe it 

At 11 o’clock tonight we are finally leaving the European Union behind. I can scarcely believe I have written those words. We will be an independent country again. As Boris Johnson declared yesterday, this is ‘a new chapter in our national story’. Whatever happens, we have set another course. The year 2021 may be remembered … Read more

DR MAX PEMBERTON: Why I’m so glad The Crown’s dared to show Princess Diana’s bulimia 

Everyone has been talking about Netflix’s TV show The Crown in the past few weeks, which is now in its fourth series. I’m totally hooked. It’s like a gripping soap opera — EastEnders but with tiaras and corgis. However, it does also touch upon some very difficult and sad times for the Royal Family. The … Read more

ESTHER KRAKUE: I dared to question the aims of Black Lives Matter

When I first moved to the UK from Ghana with my family in my early teens, the country that welcomed me was one where multiculturalism flourished and neighbours were warm and unassuming. Your achievements were not prefaced by the colour of your skin or your place on the totem pole of identity politics. People from … Read more

China’s disappeared: What happened to those who dared to speak up about coronavirus?

The fearsome knock on the door came after nightfall. Outside were two men in hazmat suits who told businessman Fang Bin they had come to take him into medical quarantine. But the textile trader, a gangly man in his early 40s, wasn’t ill and the men outside his Wuhan apartment weren’t doctors. They were police … Read more