Hamish Blake creates a Pikachu-themed cake for his son Sonny’s seventh birthday

For years, he has taken it upon himself to bake his son’s extravagant birthday cakes. And once again, Hamish Blake pulled out all the stops in a bid to make a Pikachu-themed creation for son Sonny’s seventh birthday, which took him more than seven hours to complete.  Hamish, 39, shared a series of videos and … Read more

Prince Philip dies: BBC creates an online complaints form after providing ‘too much TV coverage’

The BBC was tonight forced to create an online complaints form after it came under fire for providing ‘too much TV coverage’ of news of the Duke of Edinburgh‘s death today aged 99. The broadcaster cancelled its scheduled programming across BBC One, BBC Two and the News channel to air specials about Prince Philip, who … Read more

Toy brand creates doll inspired by girl, six, with Down’s syndrome

An Irish toy brand has created a new Down’s syndrome doll inspired by a six-year-old girl to mark World Down Syndrome Day. Lottie Dolls has released a doll, called Rosie Boo, designed to resemble six-year-old Rosie Barnett, from Wiltshire, who has Down’s syndrome. The toy company’s co-founder Ian Harkin decided to create the Rosie Boo doll after … Read more

Foodie Alo Baker creates a pie WITHIN a pie – with delicious cheesy results

‘This is genius’: Inventive home cook creates a pie within a PIE – stuffing the crust with mini store-bought pastries and a chunk of cheddar cheese An Australian foodie has created a ‘pie within a pie’ stuffed with oozing cheese  Alo Baker shared a TikTok video of himself baking a party pie inside pastry He … Read more

AI creates artworks ‘indistinguishable’ from works painted by humans 

From abstract expressionist masterpieces to perfect portrayals of the real world, artificial intelligence (AI) can create artworks that are indistinguishable from pieces painted by humans, a new study reveals.  In online surveys, around 200 humans were unable to suss the human-made artworks from the artificial art, the US author reports.  AI art is created by machine … Read more

Booze cruise! Out of work bar manager, 25, creates pub on WHEELS

Booze cruise! Out of work bar manager, 25, creates pub on WHEELS to bring pints and Prosecco to the doors of lockdown-weary Londoners George Dean, 25, and business partner Finn Bruce, 28, started Pub To Your Door Drinks are poured from refitted van and delivered straight to people’s doorsteps  Pair offer pints of beer and … Read more

Surge in house prices creates another 40,000 property millionaires… in just one year 

Surge in house prices creates another 40,000 property millionaires… in just one year Soaring property prices have created almost 40,000 property millionaires  There are now 563,240 homes worth more than £1 million in Britain   Marks first time the number of million-pound properties has grown since 2015 By Lucy White City Correspondent For The Daily Mail … Read more

Stacey Solomon creates a BEACH in her bathroom after accidentally ordering a huge bag of sand

She’s known for her creative ideas and often shares her fun family activities with her four million Instagram followers.  And Stacey Solomon took things to the next level on Wednesday as she delighted her three sons – Zachary, 12, Leighton, eight, and Rex, 19 months – by turning their bathroom into a beach. The Loose … Read more

Selena Gomez proves to be a budding makeup artist as she creates a look from her Rare Beauty line

Selena Gomez treated her fans to a ‘get ready with me’ video using products from her cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty.  The 28-year-old singer opted for a glowy makeup look, as she showcased her typical daily skin routine before adding a splash of colorful eyeshadow.  Adorably relatable throughout the 10-minute video, Gomez was not afraid to … Read more

British firm creates vaccine aimed at protecting against all mutant strains of Covid

Porton Down scientists are ‘confident’ that all mutant strains of coronavirus can be beaten with vaccines Porton Down scientists increasingly confident vaccines will counter new strains  Research lab says this includes the so-called South African and Kent variants  British firm ConserV Bioscience’s vaccine aims to protect against all strains By Daily Mail Reporter Published: 01:14 … Read more