Yoga studio, tiki bar and craft den are among 2021 Shed of the Year lockdown entries

Britain’s lockdown lockups! Yoga studio, tiki bar and nurse’s craft den are among 2021 Shed of the Year entries after serving as ideal sanctuaries to sit out the pandemic The 2021 Cuprinol Shed of the Year is celebrating the unusual garden creations made during lockdown Among the entries are a garden yoga studio, a bar, … Read more

AJ Pritchard’s girlfriend Abbie Quinnen wrapped in bandages after fire accident during craft video

Abbie Quinnen has been pictured wrapped in bandages as she recovers from her terrifying fire accident.  The professional dancer, 23, was left with third-degree burns and needing three skin grafts after a video she was filming with beau AJ Pritchard, 26, went horribly wrong and saw a wine bottle explode and set fire to her hair … Read more

Shelley Craft joins Scott Cam on the set of The Block in Melbourne 

Shelley Craft carries leaves her hardhat at home and carries a $10,800 Chanel bag as she joins Scott Cam on the set of The Block in Melbourne By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia Published: 11:44 GMT, 21 March 2021 | Updated: 11:45 GMT, 21 March 2021 Filming is underway on The Block 2021 in … Read more

Interstellar visitor Oumuamua is NOT an alien craft but a chunk from a Pluto-like exoplanet

Earth’s first interstellar visitor is neither an alien aircraft nor a comet, as some scientists previously speculated when whizzed through our Solar System in 2017. A new study from Arizona State University suggests Oumuamua is nothing more than a chunk from a Pluto-like planet that was blasted off from its home some 400 million years … Read more

Shelley Craft wears a corset while Scott Cam rides a white horse as they The Block promo

The Block is shaping up to be a very colourful season this year.  On Sunday, longtime hosts Scott Cam, 58, and Shelley Craft, 44, were spotted filming a flamboyant, cowboy-themed promo video as production kicked off in Melbourne‘s south-east. Joined by this season’s contestants, the presenters were spotted wearing full 18th century costume as they … Read more

NASA’s Perseverance rover captures first look of a craft landing on Mars from the moment

The world received the first up-close look of a spacecraft landing on Mars in a video beamed back to NASA by its ‘most sophisticated’ rover, Perseverance, which touched down Thursday.  The video begins with the violent release of the sonic parachute from the rover, along with ejection of the heat shield and shows the moment the … Read more

New theory of interstellar visitor Oumuamua says it is NOT an alien craft, but a nitrogen iceberg

The interstellar visitor Oumuamua has baffled scientists since it passed through our Solar System in 2017, sparking a number of speculations as it left – a Harvard professor claims it is an alien traveler and others say it is a massive cosmic ‘dust bunny’ or just a comet. Now, a team from Arizona State University … Read more

Harvard physicist digs into his theory that the interstellar visitor Oumuamu is an alien craft

Harvard physicist Avi Loeb is not shy about his idea that Earth’s 2017 interstellar visitor being an extraterrestrial craft and is set to release a book to defending his claim with more detail. The book, titled ‘Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth,’ argues the consensus that Oumuamu is a comet, but likens … Read more

Thousands are obsessed with this DIY craft project to transform unwanted glass jars into chic vases

‘This is the best hack I’ve ever seen’: How you can transform old sauce bottles and jars into Instagram-worthy vases and decor – with stunning results Thousands are upcycling unwanted glass jars and bottles from around the house The crafty trend has been seen circling on both Facebook and TikTok  The fun process involves painting … Read more

The Block’s Shelley Craft oversees the final stages of her home build in Byron Bay 

The Block’s Shelley Craft cuts a casual figure as she oversees the final stages of her impressive $800,000 home build in Byron Bay… after buying the plot of land in 2017 for $1.35million By Nicole Douglas For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:53 GMT, 4 December 2020 | Updated: 00:02 GMT, 5 December 2020 She bought … Read more