Cat Deeley says she never thought she would ‘crack’ America due to her looks after refusing surgery 

Cat Deeley has admitted that she never thought she would ‘crack’ America due to her appearance after refusing surgery when she first began working in Hollywood.  The TV presenter, 44, who moved back to London last year following 14 years in the States, candidly discussed being judged critically on her appearance across the pond. According … Read more

Hunter Biden said he likely smoked ‘parmesan cheese’ during peak of crack addiction 

Hunter Biden sat down with ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ and spoke about his drug addiction, his relationship with sister-in-law Hallie Biden, the ongoing FBI investigation into his finances and his decision to join the board of Burisma.    ‘I spent more times on my hands and knees picking through rugs smoking anything that even remotely resembled crack … Read more

Jason Statham reveals he always has ‘such a crack’ when working with director Guy Ritchie

Jason Statham has revealed he has ‘such a crack’ working with Guy Ritchie as he is allowed to improvise on set. While other directors are less open to actors chipping in ideas, the movie hardman, 53, gushed that Ritchie, 52, is ‘always up’ for lettings actors try out their own ideas. The duo are currently … Read more

Priti Patel slashes asylum rights for migrants who arrive illegally in crack down on crossings

Asylum rights will be slashed for migrants who arrive in Britain illegally under major reforms announced today. Priti Patel will introduce a ‘two-tier’ system in which those who come via unauthorised routes – such as crossing the Channel in small boats – are given far fewer privileges. Even if they have a legitimate claim to … Read more

Justice for all: Priti Patel is to be handed powers to crack down on activists wreaking havoc

Protesters who bring chaos and disruption to the streets are to face tougher laws and longer jail terms. Home Secretary Priti Patel will be handed controversial powers to rule if a protest can be deemed a ‘serious disruption’ to the nation’s economy, political life and tradition of free speech. Under legislation to be unveiled today, her … Read more

Boris Johnson to crack down on middle-class drug users

Boris Johnson wants to crack down on middle-class drug users with adverts aiming to make cocaine as socially unaccountable as drink-driving The Prime Minister will launch a PR blitz to tackle illegal drug use by middle class Wants to imitate successful drink-driving campaigns such as ‘THINK!’ adverts Mr Johnson and several members of the cabinet … Read more

Morgan Wallen’s radio ban seems to crack as a hometown Knoxville station plays his music again

Morgan Wallen’s radio ban in the wake of his racial slur controversy may have begun to crack after a station in his hometown began playing his music again. Knoxville, Tennessee‘s WMYL-FM began putting Wallen’s music on the air again after a Facebook poll created by the station showed 92 percent of respondents wanted his music back … Read more

Covid UK: Cops crack down HARDER on flouters

The police crackdown on Britons breaking lockdown rules has intensified with fines issued to a man travelling 14 miles to play Pokemon Go and a woman who drove 100 miles across three counties to get a McDonald’s burger. Another man was fined after travelling more than 110 miles from York to Leicester via Birmingham to … Read more

Police crack down on people playing Pokemon Go as council uses drones to catch lockdown breakers

The police force that fined two women over a seven mile trip to a nearby park have now fined three men who live 100 miles apart for meeting at a McDonald’s. Observant officers from Derbyshire Police approached the trio after spotting them in a Mercedes with a smashed front window and no wiper blades. But … Read more

New Netflx doc examines connection between crack barons corruption cops CIA conspiracy

In the 1980s, ‘Freeway’ Ricky Ross built a crack cocaine empire that extended from his Los Angeles base to over 40 cities around the country. ‘I was one of the richest guys in LA,’ Ross said in a new documentary.  Reportedly a millionaire by 23, Ross was raking in so much cash – about $900 … Read more