Men’s brains have similar genes and proteins commonly found in testicles study finds

Intelligence has previously been linked with sperm quality, an idea that may now be confirmed, as scientists have found the male brain and testes have a number of similarities.  A team of scientists, led by the University of Aveiro in Portugal, compared proteins from 33 tissue types and found testes and brains have more than 13,000 … Read more

The ten most commonly mispronounced food words including chipotle, quinoa and almond

This year has seen an explosion of  home cooking, with many Brits heading into the kitchen to learn new skills while in lockdown.     But while many have honed their skills, it appears they might be struggling with how to pronounce common foods and drink.  Researchers working with UK-based firm Harvey Water Softeners analysed 215,460 search … Read more

Quiz challenges players to spot the correct spelling for commonly mistaken medical terms

How good is YOUR spelling? Tricky medical-themed quiz will put your knowledge to the test Tricky multiple choice quiz puts your ability to spell medical terms to the test  Shared on US trivia site Playbuzz, features 15 words commonly spelled wrong Many have struggled to achieve a perfect score – but, can you do any … Read more

People reveal why some of the most commonly avoided activities aren’t as bad as you might believe

Have you ever been faced with the decision about whether or not to do an everyday task because you’re scared about how difficult or embarrassing it might be? You’re not alone. This week a Reddit user started a discussion about the most ominous-sounding jobs that people tend to avoid in an attempt to break down … Read more

Can YOU tell the fakes from the real designer goods? Expert reveals the most commonly copied labels

Can YOU tell the real deal from the designer dupes? Expert reveals the most commonly copied labels (and how to spot a fake) Britons are spending over £3.2bn on fake designer goods according to new data  H&T Pawnbrokers found Kanye West’s Yeezy is the most replicated luxury brand Financial service providers shared their advice for … Read more

English teacher reveals how to say commonly mispronounced words

English teacher reveals the common mispronunciations that make you sound ‘unprofessional’ – including making an ‘x’ sound in ‘espresso’ and forgetting the first ‘r’ in February YouTuber Lucy Earl, 25, from Cambridge, vlogs under name ‘English With Lucy’ She released the guide on her channel showing how to pronounce ten words  Common mispronunciations include mischievous, February … Read more

Fossil of a toothless pterosaur commonly found in China and Brazil is discovered in the UK

Chinese pterodactyl wings its way to the UK: Fossil of a toothless pterosaur commonly found in China and Brazil is discovered on the Isle of Wight The specimen was found by a dog walker in Sandown Bay on the island’s coast University of Portsmouth palaeontologists identified it as a toothless jawbone The fossil — ‘Wightia … Read more