Lithuania tells citizens to ditch Chinese phones after report finds built-in censorship capabilities

Lithuania tells its citizens to throw away their Chinese mobile phones after report found devices had built-in censorship capabilities Cybersecurity body report found Xiaomi devices could detect and censor terms ‘Free Tibet’, ‘Long live Taiwan independence’ or ‘democracy movement’ among terms included in the feature, which was turned off for EU region However, it could … Read more

Stop treating scammers’ victims as second-class citizens, say experts

Consumer champion Martin Lewis says there is not enough sympathy for fraud victims, and is calling for a police crackdown on the ‘almost unpunished crime’. The Money Saving Expert founder warns that those who fall prey to scammers are seen as ‘lesser victims’ because people wrongly assume that they have the money to spare. He … Read more

Russia warns ‘the beginning of the end of Ukraine’ will be imminent if it ‘has to defend citizens’

A senior Kremlin official today warned that if Russia is forced to defend its citizens in the disputed Donbass region it would be ‘the beginning of the end Ukraine.’ Tensions have soared in eastern Ukraine in recent weeks after Vladimir Putin dispatched tanks, helicopters and thousands of troops to the Ukrainian border. Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy flew … Read more

British citizens are told to flee Myanmar due to ‘rising levels of violence’

Britain on Friday advised its citizens to flee Myanmar, as a UN expert warned the junta is likely committing ‘crimes against humanity’ in its attempt to stay in power. The military authorities are cracking down with increasing severity on daily protests against their February 1 coup, with at least 70 people killed according to the … Read more

Germany and France pay the price for AstraZeneca scaremongering as citizens REFUSE the Oxford jab

Germany and France pay the price for their AstraZeneca scaremongering as citizens REFUSE the Oxford jab, causing more delays to their shambolic vaccination drives Thousands are deliberately skipping appointments for the Oxford jab in Europe Leaders had stoked fears it was ‘quasi-ineffective’, leading to a low uptake Germany and France have only vaccinated six per … Read more

5million EU citizens apply to stay in Britain after Brexit

Five million EU citizens apply to stay in Britain after Brexit – larger than the population of seven European nations Home Office has received 4.9m applications under the EU settlement scheme  Officials have granted permanent resident status to around 4.3m applicants Experts have criticised quality of the Government’s data on previous population  By Rory Tingle … Read more

British foreign office warns China will no longer recognise Hong Kong dual citizens

China moves to strip millions of Hong Kongers of legal rights by refusing to recognise British dual citizens in defiance of handover deal UK Foreign Office warned dual nationality is no longer recognised in Hong Kong  Move means millions of Hong Kongers who qualify for overseas citizenship may not be entitled to consular assistance if … Read more

EU nations fight over whose citizens should get the Covid vaccine first

EU nations fight over whose citizens should get the Covid vaccine first with France and Germany ‘trying to out-muscle smaller countries’ UK won the race due to EU’s desire to agree block-wide vaccination programme Some nations may have since considered bypassing the EU’s medical regulator That led to EU Commission warning member states to tread … Read more

Four US citizens detained after ‘accidentally’ sailing in British Virgin Island waters

Four US citizens claim they are being held as ‘hostages’ in the British Virgin Islands after they accidentally sailed illegally into the territory’s waters last month. John Hines, his partner Lynn Hines, and their friends Nicholas Cancro and Jeanne McKinnon were detained on November 19 by customs and immigration officers, according to a statement from … Read more

Brexit: 4.2M EU citizens, 1M more than expected, apply to stay in UK

Almost one million more EU citizens have applied to stay in the UK after Brexit than had been expected as applications hit 4.2 million EU citizens living in UK have until June 30 next year to apply for settled status The UK’s EU Settlement Scheme has now had more than 4.2 million applications  Official estimates … Read more