Scientist Richard Fortey pens memoir charting his ‘obsession’ with nature

‘I made the smelliest stink-bomb in history’: Natural History Museum scientist Richard Fortey pens evocative memoir charting his ‘obsession’ with nature which stems from childhood Distinguished scientist Richard Fortey has wrote a memoir about his childhood He is a world expert on trilobites but first found his obsession with nature as boy Fungi, fossils, wildflowers … Read more

Billie Eilish stars in Apple TV+ documentary charting her rise to fame The World’s A Little Blurry

Billie Eilish is set to give fans a behind-the-scenes look into her rise to fame in new Apple TV+ documentary The World’s A Little Blurry. The Grammy Award-winning singer, 19, is seen recording music with her brother Finneas in their childhood home, and spending time with her parents before heading out on tour to millions … Read more

Rare maps charting England’s defeat of the Spanish Armada will remain in the UK

Saved for the nation: Rare maps charting England’s defeat of the Spanish Armada will remain in the UK after public helps raise £600k to buy them The set of ten, dating back to 1589, are thought to be the earliest surviving representations of famous battle The collection were sold abroad in July, but a Government … Read more

Lockdown dad Gary Andrews and his doodles charting his family’s journey

For illustrator Gary Andrews, his ‘doodle diary’ is not only an enchanting daily record of family life, but a therapeutic outlet for all emotion, from love and hope to fear and sadness. When the talented animator started it five years ago on his 54th birthday, as a happily married father of two, his exquisite drawings … Read more

Author pens fascinating tome charting the history behind his family’s wealth

Author who discovered his ancestors were slave owners in Jamaica after finding a box of centuries-old papers pens fascinating tome charting the history of their rum business which made the family rich Richard Atkinson uncovers the history of his ancestors in a new history book He was inspired after discovering a box revealing his family … Read more