Somerset pub owner discovers 50-year-old time capsule buried in building’s walls 

A pub owner has discovered a 50-year-old time capsule containing a price list, ha-penny coins and a £1-an-hour wage slip buried in the 200-year-old building’s walls. Toby Brett, the current owner of Holcombe Farmshop and Kitchen in Radstock, Somerset, said finding the small haul of items from 1973 was a ‘pleasant surprise’.  The package contained … Read more

Prince Philip’s birth certificate is unearthed after lying buried for 99 years in an archive

Prince Philip‘s birth certificate has been unearthed by The Mail on Sunday – after lying buried for almost a century in an archive close to the Greek villa where he was born. The document was written by hand in Katharevousa Greek, a purist version of modern Greek, by a priest named Spiriodon Tryfonas on the … Read more

Bereaved family feared they buried wrong body due to discredited pathologist

A bereaved family feared they had ‘laid the wrong body to rest’ due to errors in a post-mortem report compiled by a discredited pathologist. The relatives of Ann House are demanding a probe after Dr Michael Heath conducted a post-mortem on the 74-year-old, despite numerous failings and complaints about his evidence.   Dr Heath was at … Read more

Swedish bishop was buried with his unborn GRANDSON at his feet in 1679

Bishop Peder Winstrup was a prominent Lutheran church member in 17th century Scandinavia and was buried in 1679 in a crypt at Lund Cathedral, Sweden. Previous analysis found this man of God was buried with a human foetus wrapped in cloth and concealed betwixt his calves, and researchers have been toiling to solve the riddle … Read more

Stomach-churning moment man discovers concrete ‘treasure’ box buried in his yard is a septic tank 

Stomach-churning moment man discovers concrete ‘treasure’ box buried in his yard is a septic tank Tony Huisman said he had been ‘doing some gardening’ at his home in Canada He shared the moment he unearthed a ‘treasure’ box after digging out soil But as he prized the container open he retreated in horror and began … Read more

Man discovers he has a blade buried in his torso 15 months after knife attack in the Philippines

‘I keep getting stabbing chest pains, Doctor…’: Man discovers he has a blade buried in his torso 15 months after knife attack in the Philippines Kent Ryan Tomao, 25, was stabbed 15 months ago in Kidapawan, Phillipines Went to public hospital where the doctors stitched his wound and didn’t X-ray During X-ray for a new … Read more

Iron Age warriors were buried in Sweden with luxury bedding

Two 7th century warriors at an ancient burial ground in Sweden were laid to rest with comfy bedding stuffed with feathers from a variety of birds, research shows.  New microscopic analysis of the bedding shows traces of feathers from local geese, ducks, grouse, crows, sparrows, waders and even eagle owls.  The warriors were also buried … Read more

Buried at sea: Italian cliff-top cemetery collapses into the ocean

An Italian cliff-top cemetery has collapsed into the ocean, with dozens of coffins floating off into the  Mediterranean and many others feared to have been buried under the rubble.  The landslide struck on Monday at around 3pm in Camogli, a tourist resort near the north-west city of Genoa, dragging around 200 coffins down the cliff … Read more

Viking treasure including gold bangle buried over 1,000 years ago discovered by local on Isle of Man

A valuable hoard of ancient Viking artefacts including a gold arm-ring and a ‘massive’ silver brooch believed to have been buried over 1,000 years ago has been discovered on the Isle of Man by a metal detectorist. The rare collection, likely to be worth several thousand pounds, was officially declared treasure by the Island’s Coroner of … Read more

Buried treasure: Can you spot the 1960 MG roadster under the clutter?

An 1960 MG MGA roadster has been found covered in debris in Dorset having been stored in a garage for some 20 years. The vehicle was discovered by auctioneer Charterhouse after it was instructed by the executor of a will to visit a cottage near Shaftesbury to identify valuable items, only to find the motor … Read more