TONY HETHERINGTON: Bully pension firm refuses to pay

Tony Hetherington is Financial Mail on Sunday’s ace investigator, fighting readers corners, revealing the truth that lies behind closed doors and winning victories for those who have been left out-of-pocket. Find out how to contact him below.  Mrs A.B. writes: My husband died on November 29. He received a company pension from Aga Rangemaster, so … Read more

Bear Grylls talks learning to fight his school bully as he describes himself as ‘not naturally fit’

Bear Grylls has admitted he is not ‘naturally fit,’ as he revealed being beaten up by a school bully at eight-years-old inspired his athletic journey.  The TV survival star and former SAS tropper, 46, confessed he struggles to find the motivation to remain fit and healthy as he praised Prime Minister Boris Johnson for candidly … Read more

Who gave BBC bully boys a licence to terrorise? Over-75s face TV bills

Money Mail today lays bare the bully-boy tactics used by TV Licence fee collectors to hound the elderly and vulnerable. Scores of pensioners are being bombarded with terrifying letters threatening fines and court action. Many are being chased for money they don’t owe and end up paying twice out of fear. In one case, a … Read more

JANET STREET-PORTER: I’m not a huge fan of Meghan but I don’t believe being bossy makes you a bully

Posh people always say that ‘having staff’ takes some getting used to.  Apparently, it’s all to do with breeding and knowing exactly where to draw the line. Employers must not be too imperious but should steer clear of being over-familiar. Absolute tosh, of course. Having met several Royal butlers, my worry would be the huge … Read more

Meghan Markle’s ‘bully’ claims are the worst royal crisis since the abdication writes RICHARD KAY 

When Jason Knauf left the Treasury to go and work for RBS — the bank that had been bailed out with £45 billion of taxpayers’ money following the 2008 financial crisis — he was dubbed ‘gamekeeper turned poacher’. But his silky skills in crisis management were never tested there as they were in his next … Read more

MEGHAN ‘BULLY’ CLAIM: Duchess ‘bullied two of her staff’ during her time as a working royal

MEGHAN ‘BULLY’ CLAIM: Duchess ‘bullied two of her staff’ and ‘drove them out’ of Kensington Palace during her time as a working royal, aide said in bombshell email – but her lawyers say she is ‘saddened’ by the ‘calculated smear campaign’ The Times reported a spokesman for the Sussexes vehemently denied the claims, saying they … Read more

Bond author Anthony Horowitz: My shame at being a school bully

My shame at being a school bully by new Bond author Anthony Horowitz: Writer says he joined ‘pack’ in a bid to avoid being teased himself James Bond author Anthony Horowitz became a bully to ‘avoid being bullied’ Father-of-two said on a podcast how he was an unhappy and overweight child He would starve himself … Read more

Former Facebook CEO says tech giant is trying to ‘bully and intimidate’ Australia by banning news

The former CEO of Facebook has accused the social media giant of trying to ‘bully and intimidate’ Australia by banning its news sources.   Facebook blocked Aussies from reading and sharing local news in response to a world-first law to make tech companies pay media outlets for the content they use. From Thursday, when Australians went … Read more

‘He was a bully’: England star John Stones’s former girlfriend Millie Savage slams him

‘He was a bully’: England star John Stones’ ex Millie Savage says he made her life ‘hell’ after World Cup fame went to his head before he cruelly dumped her Millie Savage, 27, saw her relationship with Stones crumble after 2018 World Cup They split in November of that year and she claimed he told … Read more