Republicans threaten to use the courts to try to undo Joe Biden’s new gun control actions

Republicans in Congress and statehouses threatened legal action Thursday to try to reverse President Biden’s new executive actions on gun control – while Donald Trump Jr. went after Hunter Biden for his own gun purchase.   Biden’s actions, which the president announced Thursday with Attorney General Merrick Garland standing behind him, would crack down on so-called … Read more

Joe Biden’s tax crackdown on tech giants

Joe Biden’s tax crackdown on tech giants: Firms face tougher measures under global plan by US President, leaked papers show Tech giants and multinational firms face a tax clampdown under a global deal   Biden plans to force companies to pay more tax in the countries they operate in  The move is touted as a major … Read more

Jill Biden’s patterned tights spark furious controversy online

First Lady Jill Biden inadvertently started an all-out Twitter war over the weekend after donning a pair of patterned tights that sparked a bitter debate between her critics and supporters.  The 69-year-old arrived back in Washington, D.C. on Thursday night following a trip to California, and was pictured stepping off her plane at Andrews Air … Read more

PIERS MORGAN: President Biden’s $2.3 trillion infrastructure plan is a reckless tax-hiking gamble

I once watched a guy run down a tourist beach in Spain throwing money away. He literally sprinted over the sand, cackling dementedly as he chucked large wads of bank notes into the air and shouted at everyone to ‘TAKE MY CASH!!’ It seemed like the most wondrously generous thing imaginable and gleeful holidaymakers sprang … Read more

One of the Biden’s dogs POOPED in the White House just days after SECOND biting incident in a month

Doggie doo in the White House? One of President Joe Biden’s dogs apparently deposited the pile of poo in the hallway outside the Diplomatic Reception Room, just off the South Lawn, on Wednesday. Reporters accompanying Jill Biden on a trip to California spotted the brown stuff on the red-carpeted hallway as they waited just inside … Read more

Biden’s Covid chief says states reopening are ‘playing with fire’

U.S. governors are ‘playing with fire’ if they reopen their states too soon, warned President Biden’s senior coronavirus adviser Andy Slavitt on Tuesday.  Average daily coronavirus infections are up by 12 percent compared to last week, rising to more than 67,000 new cases every 24 hours, according to a analysis of Johns Hopkins University … Read more

Biden’s dog Major bites ANOTHER government employee on White House grounds while out for a walk

Biden’s dog Major bites ANOTHER government employee on White House grounds while out for a walk – three weeks after biting WH security guard The rescue German Shepherd bit a  National Park Service employee on Tuesday Major was out for a walk when he ‘nipped’ the employee, Jill Biden’s office said  It comes just three weeks … Read more

Biden’s fitness questioned by congressman accused of drinking during White House physician duty

Texas Republican Rep. Ronny Jackson, a former White House physician, believes President Biden’s press conference performance Thursday raises questions about his fitness for office. The Texas congressman said Friday that Biden’s behavior at his first solo press conference ‘should concern every American who wants to know that their president is fit for duty and in … Read more

Images taken at President Joe Biden’s first press conference show him using cheat sheets

Images taken during President Joe Biden‘s first press conference on Thursday showed him using cheat sheets – which did not prevent him from misstating key facts and losing his train of thought at times..  The 78-year-old Democrat is seen holding one sheet that showed the headshots of journalists at the press conference that he planned to … Read more

Trump slams media for ignoring Biden’s terrible tumble on Air Force One stairs

Donald Trump has accused U.S. press outlets of ignoring President Joe Biden‘s repeated stumbles on the stairs of Air Force One, and suggested Vice President Kamala Harris will soon take over the Oval Office. ‘That tumble was terrible. It wasn’t really one, it was three, and it wasn’t mentioned for the most part in the … Read more