Bam Margera reveals laundry list of drugs prescribed in rehab which led to ‘suicidal tendencies’

Bam Margera reveals laundry list of drugs prescribed in rehab which he believes led to ‘suicidal tendencies’… after he was fired from Jackass 4 By Tracy Wright For Published: 17:19 BST, 2 April 2021 | Updated: 17:19 BST, 2 April 2021 Bam Margera detailed a host of medications prescribed during his latest stint in … Read more

Bam Margera hospitalized for a staph infection after weeks of troubling behavior

Jackass star Bam Margera was briefly hospitalized over the weekend to treat a staph infection. The 41-year-old took to Instagram to share his ailment with fans – which he said ‘f**king hurts’ – and to thank a friend for taking him to the emergency room in a post early Monday morning.  Bam’s infection comes after … Read more

‘I’m manic bipolar’: Bam Margera is seeking help after drunken rant and is now BACK on Jackass 4

Bam Margera admitted he’s ‘manic bipolar’ and seeking help after a drunken rant on Instagram which has since been deleted. The 41-year-old skateboarder-turned-stuntman showed remorse after revealing his stress at not knowing about the future of the Jackass franchise. Hours after posting a disturbing video where he detailed suicidal ideation and encouraged his fans to … Read more

Bam Margera admits to considering suicide as he begs fans to boycott Jackass 4 in drunken rant

Former Jackass star Bam Margera just shared a troubling video rant where he slammed the prank franchise while also admitting he’d previously been dealing with suicidal thoughts. Margera, 41, asked fans to boycott the upcoming Jackass 4 movie while accusing the production of controlling his life when he was still involved. The MTV star, who … Read more

Jackass star Bam Margera reveals his Bentley was stolen from a gas station and CRASHED into a house

Jackass star Bam Margera had quite the interesting night on Tuesday, when his Bentley was stolen from a gas station. The 41-year-old stuntman and reality star took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a video with his 2.2 million Instagram followers, as he recounted the story over the phone with pro skateboarder Danny Way. Not … Read more