Geology experts map ‘hidden’ continent near Australia that sank 23m years ago

Mapping Zealandia: Scientists are exploring the sea floor off the coast of Australia in the hopes of unravelling the mystery of Earth’s ‘hidden’ eighth continent that sank into the sea 23 million years ago The ‘lost’ continent of Zealandia was first identified by geologists back in 2014 Australian and US experts mapped the depths across Zealandia’s … Read more

Thousands evacuate as Sydney floodwaters approach ROOF height and 200 schools are closed

Thousands in Sydney’s west have been forced out of their homes overnight and eight flood evacuation orders have been issued for the NSW mid-north coast as wild weather and torrential rain continues to lash much of the state’s east.  Communities along the Hawkesbury River in NSW are bracing for once-in-a-generation flooding that could displace thousands … Read more

Floodwaters in Sydney’s west rise as once-in-100-year storm causes $1B of damage across NSW

Thousands of families face losing their homes and many others spent a sleepless night in evacuation centres as a rain-soaked New South Wales prepares to be battered by another two days of relentless torrential rain. Floodwaters in Sydney’s west will continue rising on Monday as Warragamba Dam, the city’s biggest, spills enough water to fill … Read more

Torrential rain to last for days due to colliding weather systems amid NSW flood disaster

More wild weather is on the way for rain-soaked New South Wales as a once-in-a-century mega-storm continues to lash Australia’s east coast.  Conditions are dangerous and volatile as more flood warnings were issued for parts of western Sydney and the NSW mid-north coast on Sunday night. Rising floodwaters in Sydney’s west and north-west are now higher … Read more

NSW storm causes Covid-19 vaccine to be delayed after flashfloods rip through Sydney

The wild weather battering New South Wales has delayed the state’s vaccine roll-out as torrential rain and flooding looks set to hammer the state’s east coast until Thursday.  The Federal Government said the once-in-a-century storm will affect the vaccine delivery of phase 1b to over 6.1million Australians ‘in Sydney and across multiple regional NSW locations’.    … Read more

EU warns it will block MORE vaccines being exported

EU chief Ursula von der Leyen has warned that more vaccines will be blocked from export, saying that the move against Australia last week ‘was not a one-off’. ‘AstraZeneca delivered less than ten per cent of the amount ordered to the EU in the period from December to March,’ Ms von der Leyen said as she … Read more

Italian PM threatens to ‘suffocate’ AstraZeneca as EU says jab contracts ‘MUST be honoured’

The Italian prime minister has urged the EU to ‘suffocate’ vaccine makers who fail to deliver on their contractual obligations amid a row over supplies from AstraZeneca. Italy imposed the first EU-sanctioned export ban on vaccines yesterday when it blocked 250,000 AstraZeneca jabs from heading to Australia – which was due to start inoculations with … Read more

Facebook news ban: Calls for boycott as Australian content blocked

Facebook is facing down calls for a boycott after it took the extraordinary step of banning users in Australia from accessing news in a row over paying for content.  ‘Delete Facebook’, ‘Boycott Zuckerberg’ and ‘Facebook We Need To Talk’ began trending on rival site Twitter today as fury at the move spread around the globe. … Read more

Former Facebook CEO says tech giant is trying to ‘bully and intimidate’ Australia by banning news

The former CEO of Facebook has accused the social media giant of trying to ‘bully and intimidate’ Australia by banning its news sources.   Facebook blocked Aussies from reading and sharing local news in response to a world-first law to make tech companies pay media outlets for the content they use. From Thursday, when Australians went … Read more

Aussies post their final words on Facebook as they delete their profiles to protest news ban

The hashtags #DeleteFacebook and #BoycottZuckerberg are trending on Twitter as some Australians delete their profiles to protest the platform’s news ban.  Outraged users are sharing their final Facebook posts and asking friends to send their phone numbers before they delete the platform for good. Facebook has banned Australian news outlets from sharing content, and has … Read more