231-million-year-old fossil discovered in Argentina is the ancestor to most reptiles 

Scientists have found an ‘almost perfectly preserved’ skull of a previously unknown animal that lived some 230 million years ago and is the ancestor of most modern reptiles. Known as Taytalura alcoberi, this member of the Lepidosauromorpha, a group of reptiles that predates the dinosaurs, lived in what is now modern-day Argentina during the Late … Read more

Angel Cabrera is extradited from Brazil to Argentina to face assault, theft and intimidation charges

PICTURED: Handcuffed US Open and Masters golf champion Angel Cabrera is extradited from Brazil to his native Argentina to face charges of assault, theft and intimidation after complaints from his ex-wife and two other women Angel Cabrera will stand trial in his native Argentina on charges of assault, theft and intimidation against partners after his … Read more

Did Argentina rob art from its own museum to fund the Falklands War?

Did Argentina rob art from its own museum to fund the Falklands War? Military junta stole £1.8m of paintings from Buenos Aires gallery to buy arms from Taiwan, new book claims British academic claims art heist was staged by Argentina’s military Government Sixteen masterpieces vanished into thin air from national museum in the 1980s Just three … Read more

Covid Argentina: Flights from Brazil, Mexico and Chile restricted

Argentina will be suspending flights from Mexico, Brazil and Chile as of Saturday as part of a plan to prevent different strains of the coronavirus from entering the country. The South American nation announced the move Thursday as it prepares itself for a second wave of infections.    The government said in a statement that the … Read more

At least 99 students who traveled to Cancún tested positive for COVID-19 upon returning to Argentina

A total of 99 students have tested positive for COVID-19 since returning to Argentina following a high school graduation trip to Cancún amid reports that some negative test results were faked to allow them to fly.  Argentine newspaper Clarín reported that students from 35 schools in the country had signed up for the vacations that … Read more

HIV: Second person to naturally cure infection is discovered in Argentina raising cure hopes

The second-known person to naturally cure their HIV infection has been discovered by scientists in Argentina, raising hopes for a future cure. The patient, an Argentinian woman in her thirties from the city of Esperanza, was found to have no disease-causing or ‘intact’ virus, eight years after being diagnosed. A group of Harvard-based scientists announced … Read more

Fossils: 98 million-year-old dino unearthed in Argentina may have been the largest land animal ever

Dinosaur fossil from 98 million-years-ago unearthed in Argentina may have been the largest animal to ever walk the Earth, study claims The fossil remains — including tail and pelvic bones — were uncovered in 2012 The giant titanosaur sauropod dinosaur would have had a long neck and tail It was preserved in a muddy floodplain in what … Read more

Solar eclipse: Parts of Chile and Argentina plunged into darkness as the moon obscures Sun

Parts of South America were plunged into darkness yesterday by a spectacular solar eclipse caused by the moon passing between the Sun and the Earth. Thousands of people in Argentina and southern Chile turned their heads to the sky to watch the event, which began at 1 pm (4 pm GMT) and lasted around 2 … Read more

Rape victim, 12, gives birth to twins in Argentina after she was denied an abortion 

A 12-year-old girl has given birth to twins in Argentina after being denied an abortion by local authorities despite having been raped.  Authorities in Jujuy forced the child to remain pregnant until the twins could be safely delivered by caesarean section.  Legislation around abortion is extremely strict in Argentina, which only legalised the procedure in … Read more