Justin Bieber’s mom NOT amused by her son’s new peach tattoo… as his album Justice debuts at No. 1

Justin Bieber’s mom failed to give her seal of approval over her son’s latest ink. The 27-year-old singer revealed his latest tattoo with snaps of a recent trip he had taken to see to famed tattoo artist Dr. Woo on his Instagram account on Saturday. ‘Don’t you have enough yet?,’ his mother Pattie Mallette commented … Read more

Retired Colonel, 84, ‘rather amused’ by ‘sad news’ of his OWN death in Army newsletter 

Colonel Ron Back, 84, who served in the Army for 38 years, said he was completely taken aback when he read his own obituary in the publication. Pictured: Back while serving as a Major A retired Colonel was shocked to read the ‘sad news’ of his own death in an Army newsletter. Colonel Ron Back, … Read more

Kate Beckinsale amused as comedian Celeste Barber imitates her throwback bikini video

Kate Beckinsale was given the meme treatment on Sunday, when comedian Celeste Barber hilariously imitated one of her throwback bikini videos on Instagram. The British actress, 47, had previously garnered much attention for a clip showing her looking sensational in a bandeau bikini and ivory kaftan as she descended the stairs outside a grand modern … Read more

Model Elyse Knowles teased by amused Twitter users after she misspells a popular French term

Model Elyse Knowles teased by amused Twitter users after she humorously misspells a popular French term – after making another funny flub just days earlier By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia Published: 10:02 GMT, 8 December 2020 | Updated: 10:02 GMT, 8 December 2020 Elyse Knowles unwittingly shared an Instagram Stories post this week … Read more

Amused mums share the elaborate and eye-popping lunchboxes they make for their husbands

Doting wives share the VERY elaborate lunchboxes they pack for their working husbands – complete with veggie ‘characters’ and chopped-up snacks Amused mums share intricate lunchboxes they pack for their husbands for work  The boxes are filled with fruits, vegetable, cheese cubes, biscuits and more Many revealed how they prepare husband’s elaborate, eye-popping lunches By … Read more

Demi Lovato wears a mask with her own face printed on it: ‘I’m equally amused as I am disturbed’

Demi Lovato appears to have found the perfect solution to maintaining a beaming smile at all times, even under a CDC-recommended face mask. While posing for a selfie on her Instagram Story on Saturday, the singer, 28, wore a facial covering with the bottom half of her face and glossy pout printed on it.  ‘Someone gave … Read more

Snot amused! Pet called Poptart has a hilarious rapid-fire sneezing fit

Snot amused! Poptart the cat has a hilarious rapid-fire sneezing fit – but her owner isn’t happy as his laptop is in the firing line Poptart, a five-year-old rescue cat, was filmed having the unusual sneezing fit It was caused by Poptart sniffing her owner’s lunch in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania The cat unleashes around 20 sneezes in … Read more