Karl and Peter Stefanovic’s brother Tom opens up about his quiet life as an almond farmer

Karl and Peter Stefanovic’s brother Tom opens up about his quiet life as an almond farmer By J. Peterson For Daily Mail Australia Published: 07:40 BST, 20 May 2021 | Updated: 07:40 BST, 20 May 2021 Peter and Karl Stefanovic are two of Australia’s most famous broadcast journalists. But there’s also a third Stefanovic brother … Read more

MARK ALMOND: What else can we expect from a leader so vain he named a vast stadium after himself? 

As if the spat between Britain and the EU over Brussels’ erratic attempts to control vaccine supplies wasn’t bad enough, India has now dealt a body blow to the idea that we should all be cooperating in the global fight against the virus. The decision to block vaccine exports by the Indian government – led … Read more

MARK ALMOND: New court date for Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe is cruel twist in a game of mental torture

Source: PA April 3 2016: The mother-of-one is detained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard at Imam Khomeini airport after a holiday visit to Iran where she showed her daughter Gabriella to her parents. July 12 2016: Richard Ratcliffe, her husband, delivers letters to Downing Street for outgoing prime minister David Cameron and his replacement Theresa … Read more

MARK ALMOND: Tyrannies are on the march as democracy flounders 

This week’s military coup in Myanmar is not just another episode of repression and regression in a remote Asian country that is now disappearing once more behind a bamboo curtain. Terrifyingly, it is the latest symptom of a growing global trend away from democracy. For decades, Myanmar’s most famous daughter, the steely Aung San Suu … Read more

The ten most commonly mispronounced food words including chipotle, quinoa and almond

This year has seen an explosion of  home cooking, with many Brits heading into the kitchen to learn new skills while in lockdown.     But while many have honed their skills, it appears they might be struggling with how to pronounce common foods and drink.  Researchers working with UK-based firm Harvey Water Softeners analysed 215,460 search … Read more

MARK ALMOND: The EU is the sick man of Europe

Let us imagine that, come the eleventh hour, a Brexit trade deal is announced tomorrow night. Leaving aside the feelings of diehard Remainers who will never accept our departure from the European Union, and of diehard Brexiteers who will bemoan a ‘sellout’, it’s fair to say a mood of relief would sweep Britain. Wearied by … Read more

MARK ALMOND: The Kremlin is ruthlessly exploiting the Covid-19 and Brexit chaos

No sooner has the Government gained the upper hand in the fight against Covid – with its roll-out of a mass vaccination programme – than Britain’s defences are being tested by an altogether different invader. A sudden flurry of Russian naval intrusions into our coastal waters over recent months is causing concern at the highest … Read more

The sweet midwinter: Panetonne, mascarpone & almond cake

The sweet midwinter: Panetonne, mascarpone & almond cake By Skye Mcalpine Published: 00:02 GMT, 6 December 2020 | Updated: 00:02 GMT, 6 December 2020 This is a wonderful way to make use of a slightly stale panettone. Once iced, it should really be eaten within a day.  SERVES 10 250g salted butter, softened 500g icing … Read more

Chicken, Broccoli and Almond Stir-fry

Chicken, Broccoli and Almond Stir-fry By Annie Bell Published: 00:02 GMT, 15 November 2020 | Updated: 00:02 GMT, 15 November 2020 FOOD STYLING: EMILY KYDD, PROP STYLING: JENNIFER KAY, PHOTO ASSISTANT: SOPHIE BRONZE With the chicken, edamame beans and almonds, this comes packed with protein. You can add cooked quinoa at the end if you … Read more

MARK ALMOND: The savagery of this terror attack in Nice could spark a new race war 

After the harrowing butchery in the Catholic cathedral in Nice, the city’s mayor called for France to stop behaving as though it was a country at peace. Many commentators and academics bridle at talk of a war on domestic terrorism, calling instead for analysis of its causes. Perhaps they still believe in the old French … Read more