Shoppers call the Breville Hot Water Dispenser ‘great for people with arthritis’ – and it’s on sale

This hot water dispenser from Breville is proving to be the ideal solution for anyone who struggles to lift a kettle – including the elderly and those with arthritis

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Whether you find using a kettle a difficult task or want to save time, a hot water dispenser is a nifty kitchen gadget. And right now, the bestselling hot water dispenser from Breville is on sale for £39 at Amazon – that’s a saving of 19 per cent.

Even if you have a kettle in the house, the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser is ideal for busy families or for those with mobility problems, allowing you to boil and dispense a single mugful of water under 50 seconds.

Over 17,400 shoppers have given the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser a perfect rating, with reviewers noting how it’s ‘quick and easy to use’ and ‘great for people with arthritis in the hands’.

Now £39, the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser is a practical solution if you find kettles bothersome to lift, fill, carry or pour

One shopper claimed it’s been life-changing for her elderly relative. She wrote: ‘So handy for people who struggle to lift the kettle. Has literally changed my grandma’s life as she suffers with arthritis!’

Shoppers love how quickly the hot water dispenser boils, that it doesn’t have a ton of buttons (it’s foolproof) and that it’s ‘lighter than a kettle’, which shoppers note is great if you struggle to lift or pour a kettle.

‘I love it,’ wrote another customer in their review. ‘Makes life so much easier. I originally bought one for an elderly neighbour who struggled with lifting a kettle and had to have one myself.

‘I love the fact you can choose how much water you want, and the stop button is immediate if needed, so very very safe.’

‘I bought three!’ a third exclaimed. ‘I bought one for myself. Loved it so gifted my parents one. My mum has arthritis in her hands. She loves hers. Then bought my sister one.’

‘Excellent product,’ a fourth reviewer shared. ‘As someone with arthritis gripping things can be difficult; with this machine, there is no issues. Filling it I use a small jug so doesn’t weigh much. Overall I love it.’

The 1.5-litre tank holds enough water for roughly five to seven cups

The dispenser features a removable drip tray to help keep your counter dry and tidy

The push-button lid release on the Breville hot water dispenser makes filling it easy

It’s worth noting that with this machine you can’t change cup sizes, and some reviewers have mentioned that the appliance is loud when it’s in operation.

But shoppers rate the Breville HotCup Hot Water Dispenser highly for its sleek, stainless steel finish and 1.5-litre tank, which holds enough water for roughly five to seven cups.

It also features a removable drip tray to help keep your counter dry and tidy and comes with convenient cord storage.

The push-button lid release makes filling easy; just fill at the tap like a kettle or use a jug. Plus, the dispenser boils a single cup at a time for energy-efficient, economical use.