The Bachelorette: What really happened during Ab Sow’s first-night walkout

What REALLY happened during The Bachelorette’s first-night walkout: Ab Sow’s shock exit ‘wasn’t a surprise’ to the cast – and he may still show up on Bachelor in Paradise

The Bachelorette‘s Ab Sow shocked viewers on Wednesday night when he became the first suitor in the franchise’s history to walk out at the inaugural rose ceremony.

And while his decision to reject Becky Miles’ rose came as a surprise to the Bachelorette sisters, the other suitors apparently knew it was coming.

As reported by The Wash, the season premiere was filmed over two consecutive nights and Ab, 27, spent much of his time off camera contemplating his exit.

What really happened during The Bachelorette’s first-night walkout: Ab Sow’s shock exit wasn’t a surprise to the cast, says a source. Pictured: Ab explaining his decision to Becky Miles

In the hours leading up to the rose ceremony, the dancer openly discussed with the other contestants what he would do if he was offered a rose by either Elly or Becky.

An on-set source said: ‘Ab spent the whole day discussing his decision with the boys before filming the rose ceremony, explaining how he felt no connection to either Elly or Becky the night before. 

‘They all begged him to stay and hoped he’d change his mind – but he was done. Afterwards they kept saying he was “noble as f**k” for actually quitting, rather than sticking around for the sake of it.

‘He got to say goodbye to all of the boys before heading home and was more bothered about leaving them behind than Elly and Becky.’

Despite only staying for one episode, the insider said they wouldn’t be surprised if Ab – who is known for his larger-than-life personality – appeared on Bachelor in Paradise next year.

While most of the suitors on The Bachelorette were falling over themselves to get a rose during Wednesday’s premiere, Ab actually turned Becky down.

After hearing the defence contracting specialist, 30, call out his name at the first rose ceremony, a solemn-looking Ab stepped forward and apologised.

‘Becky, I’m really sorry. You’re absolutely beautiful and unfortunately, I cannot accept this rose,’ he told the visibly gutted Bachelorette. 

His decision to walk away left the other suitors seemingly shocked and confused,

Ab then took Becky outside for a private chat to explain his decision, despite having turned on the charm for her during their initial meeting earlier in the episode.

‘I just don’t think I’m the right person for you. It’s only right that I’m honest with you right now instead of letting you know down the road,’ he told her. 

While clearly stunned and upset by his decision to leave, Becky said she respected him for being honest and upfront with her.

‘I really appreciate your honesty, for stepping up and telling us how you feel,’ she told him.

Ab apologised again, but Becky told him it was ‘alright’, before they wished each other well and went their separate ways.

A tearful Becky then returned to join her sister, Elly, 25, and explained that Ab just ‘wasn’t feeling it’.

The Bachelorette continues Thursday at 7:30pm on Channel 10