Shocking moment a car defies physics and drives at a diagonal down a Florida highway 

‘How is he driving?!’ Shocking moment a car defies physics and drives at a diagonal down a Florida highway

  • Truck drove diagonally down a highway in Palm Harbor, Florida
  • Captured on cell phone footage last week and shared to Reddit 
  • Footage went viral on Reddit with 16,000 upvotes 
  • Car was ‘dog tracking,’ or driving sideways because of a problem with the axle 

A driver in Florida was shocked when he saw a truck drive diagonally down a highway last week. 

While driving last Tuesday in Palm Harbor, a resident named Chase and a passenger encountered the bizarre sight. 

Cell phone footage obtained by Newsflare shows a dark-colored truck cruising in the far right lane of the highway. 

But the vehicle appears to be driving at an angle with its front right tire leading the way.    

‘How is he driving?’ said the passenger, as the two watch the scene in a mix of confusion and amazement.   

‘You have to be on a constant turn or something?’ they added. 

The driver agreed, adding: ‘It doesn’t make any f****** sense.’

The video was initially posted to Reddit thread ‘Idiots in Cars,’ and has quickly gone viral on the site.

A Floridan resident named Chase captured the moment a truck was drove down highway diagonally

As of Sunday, there were more than 16,000 upvotes and nearly 1,000 comments.  

Other users chimed in with jokes about the bizarre moment, with some blaming the act on the state’s infamous Florida Man. 

‘When you’re playing Mario kart and power slide through the whole map,’ one user wrote. 

Another said: ‘I’m using tilt controls!’

It's likely the car was 'dog tracking' and suffered an previous issue with its axle

It’s likely the car was ‘dog tracking’ and suffered an previous issue with its axle

A fellow Florida resident said: ‘This Florida man’s abilities far exceed my own.’ 

But as some commenters pointed out, the vehicle’s diagonal tilt is because of a problem with the axle. 

‘Dog Tracking’, or when a car appears to be driving sideways, is a phenomenon that often happens in vehicles with a straight axle. 

This can occur when the rear axle is not properly lined up perpendicular to the axis of the vehicle.  

‘Often times, it comes after some kind of accident,’ Woody Rogers of Tire Track told Jalopnik

‘It’s a symptom of probably a much bigger problem.’