Need a little springtime sparkle? 

Need a little springtime sparkle?

The silver is dazzling even if applied just along the lash line

Then look no further than these multicoloured multitasking palettes   

Your social life might be somewhat on hold right now but you can still get spruced up for an online meet-up. And so to palettes and an easy way of doing a bit of a make-up update and bringing in new light (and shades). I’d particularly like to rhapsodise about the Ted Baker St Barts Eyeshadow Quad Palette in Pashion (1, £32, It’s a swanky enough collection of colours including a russety red, a deep green and a light gold, all in buildable, light textures. But it’s the glittering silver that I’d wager you’ll find yourself reaching for over and again. This is a year-round winner with a great level of pigment – and will be especially good when the sun comes out for really brightening up the eyes. This is dazzling even if just applied along the lash line.

L’Oréal Paris offers a wealth of colour options – well, 16 – in its Eye Go Wild Eyeshadow Mega Palette (4, £14.99, A cheery mix of nudes, caramels, pale gold and some warmer red tones, this is understated escapism with a good pigment payoff and easily blendable texture.

For more eye candy you could try the new Huda Beauty Pastel Obsessions Palette in Rose (2, £27, with its pretty range of balletic pinks and pale peaches with a dash of sunshine yellow (you don’t have to cover the whole lid with this; a dab in the corner of the eye could be enough to refresh a look). There are also Lilac and Mint quad options.

The new Guerlain Les Météorites Pearl Dust Palette (5, £44,, from 27 April) is a charming addition to the highlighter category. With three hues – pink, gold and amber – you can ramp up or tone down depending on how much warmth you want to add on any day. Apply it to all the high points on the face – cheekbones, brow bones, bridge of the nose – and the cupid’s bow if you like. But you could also use it as a pearlescent finish on your eyes or cheeks.

For serious glamour, look to Westman Atelier and its Lip Suede in Les Rouges (3, £75,, all housed in a glossy red compact. The brainchild of the ever-stylish and talented make-up artist Gucci Westman, this is true to her brand ethos and an all-natural, vegan formula. There are four shades of lipstick – fuchsia, brick, tomato and dusty rose – which you can wear alone or mix to create your own options. And the inclusion of marula oil makes for a comfortable, plumped-up pout.

These raise the bar!

With soap being such a hot topic at the moment, I wanted to give a shout out to Lucy Bee’s natural collection. So many varieties – often the fancy and therefore more fragranced ones – leave my hands parched and unhappy, but this range actually nourishes. The soaps are made with 100 per cent coconut oil but produce a luxurious lather. I prefer the Fragrance Free one (£6, but there’s an Ylang Ylang, Jasmine & Cedarwood option and a Lemon, Tangerine & Cinnamon (£8 each). The Spearmint, Basil & Clove Natural Exfoliating Soap (£9) is also great for the shower.

A knotty problem solved

A new and brilliant conditioner this way comes, and it has totally won me over. Meet top hairdresser (and all round good guy) Larry King’s Liquid Hairbrush Conditioner (£42, Creating it was a bit of a labour of love for him: his daughter’s hair always became very tangled, and combing it out was never exactly the highlight of her day. So he wanted to create a conditioner that would smooth the whole process – and be silicone free. Not only did he manage it, but I’ve found that it isn’t just that initial post-wash comb-through that has been made much more of a knot-free endeavour: my hair actually stayed pretty much tangle-free until it was next washed. And instead of silicone Larry used ingredients such as pea protein along with tsubaki and avocado oils.

The conditioner is part of his first haircare range, which augments an existing styling offering and includes The Wash Cycle, shampoos that instead of being matched to particular hair types are designed with your hair’s ever-changing needs in mind: City Life, Good Life and Social Life (£39 each). Better still, sustainability is a key consideration, with everything presented in refillable glass jars.