Food wholesalers offer online orders to public to sell stock that restaurants aren’t buying 

 JJ Foodservice 

Order online for next day delivery – depending on your location

The business who supplied Wasabi, You Me Sushi and schools are also now selling to the public. 

Sezer Ozkul, Chief Products Officer told FEMAIL: ‘Our business literally changed overnight –  on March 21st we had an emergency strategy meeting. 

‘By the end of the day, our Next Day Home Delivery Service was live, offering next day deliveries for orders placed by 9pm with a minimum order of just £79. 

‘We advertised this via a social media and the response has been extremely positive – we are taking on new customers every day and the messages to our customers services team have increased 400 per cent as more people are making inquiries about setting up a new account. 

‘This will probably come as no surprise, but our toilet roll sales increased by 150 per cent – we were selling up to five containers more per week. Pasta, hand wash and bizarrely fresh chicken sales also went up significantly. To better support households, we are increasing our range of smaller pack sizes for essential household groceries such as cheese, tea bags, fresh vegetables and fruits.  


 Kingsmill Great Everyday Soft White Bread (Medium)-1x800g – from 99p

Lakeland Salted Butter 4x250g – from £4.99 

Fermipan Instant Yeast (Single Packets)-1x500g  – from £3.49 

Red Kidney Beans 6x800g – from £5.99 

PG Tips Tagged Tea Bags-1×100 – from £3.99 

Wright`s Plain Flour-5×1.5kg – from £4.99

Fresh Whole Milk-(Blue Cap)-1x2L – from 99p

Nestle Shreddies (Single) 1x415g – from £.249 

Fresh Avocados-1×6 – from £9.99 

Free Range Medium Eggs (Size 3)-1×60 – from £9.99

Woods Foodservice 

Order over the phone or by email for next day delivery in London and delivery within a few days across the South East 

Darren Labbett the managing director of Woods Foodservice said: ‘We bought in fresh fruit, vegetables, salad and fresh meat boxes to be able to offer a one stop shop, these are very popular. However, it seems that everybody wants toilet rolls and pasta. Luckily we have plenty of both,’ Mr Labbett explained. 

He added that they’ve seen sales of bread flour and yeast shoot up, as people try and make their own bread and cakes at home.

‘As our turnover increases we are able to gradually ask furloughed staff to come back to ensure we keep up with demand.’


Fruit, veg and salad

Medium veg box

Large veg box

Medium fruit box

Medium salad box


Dried Fusilli

Dried Penne


Pasta Sauce



Stealth Fries –

Frozen Chips






Kingsmill Sliced White

Part Baked Croissants

Part Baked Bread

Bread flour




McCoys Crisps

Kent Chips




Tiptree jams & marmalade

Peanut Butter



 Fresh Meat

 Medium Fresh Meat Box

Large Fresh Meat Box

Large Fresh Meat Box with

Gluten Free sausages.

Kosher Fresh Meat box

Halal Fresh Meat Box

Cleaning Etc

Toilet Rolls

Dishwasher Tablets

Sanitiser Spray

Cling Film

Sponge Cloths


Urban Cordials

Blackcurrant Squash Large

Orange Juice



Granola Rude Health

Porridge Oats

Store Cupboard

Hobnob Biscuits

Granulated Sugar

English Breakfast Tea bags

Heinz Tomato Ketchup

Plain Flour 1.5kg

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Canned Products

Heinz Spaghetti Hoops

Heinz Baked Beans

Chopped Tomatoes


Canned Fruit

Dunns Food and Drink 

Order online or via the app for deliveries across Scotland 

Julie Dunn told FEMAIL her family run business lost 70 per cent of business when the lockdown hit.

The company, supply the prestigious Gleneagles golf course as well as DiMaggios, Montpeiirs and Hawksmoor restaurants. 

Ms Dunn said people are buying cleaning materials and toilet rolls, bread, milk, eggs, sugar, flour, butter, pasta, and wine but their luxury food items are not being purchased. 

‘We have been surprised by the number of people interested in catering pack sizes – so – perfectly happy to take 16kg of flour in order to bake for their neighbours. Nice community spirit. 

‘Although most callers are looking for the staples just now, possibly once we are all more used to life in isolation, home cooking will be a pleasant time filler for the family which is why we are posting recipe ideas every day through social media because with 6,500 lines available it is most probable that the home cooks can achieve a global kitchen through Dunns.’ 


Sauces and stock

Vegetable stock


 Red pesto

Green pesto

Bolognese sauce 

Dolimo tomato and basil sauce 

Knorr Arrabiata sauce 

Balti curry sauce

Jalfrezi curry sauce

Tikka Masala curry sauce

Korma paste

Cheese sauce

Bechemel sauce 

Plum sauce

Oyster sauce

Teriyaki sauce

Sweet chilli sauce  

Red curry paste

Green curry paste 

Table sauces  



Tomato ketchup


Salad dressing



 Pasta, rice and grains









Arborio rice

Long grain rice 


Whipped cream

Soy milk


Condensed milk

Double cream


 Chopped tomatoes 



Olive oil

Vegetable oil

Rapeseed oil

Chilli oil 

Goose fat 

Cooking wine, cider, and brandy




Order online for next day delivery, depending on location, or click and collect 

Bidfood one of the UK’s largest foodservice providers was forced to change its business model overnight to support the growing demand for supplies during the Covid-19 outbreak.  

Earlier this month, Bidfood and Brakes  announced they would be joining forces to support a new government initiative to ensure that vital food supplies reach the country’s most vulnerable people during the coronavirus crisis.

The initiative sees the two companies working together to deliver potentially hundreds of thousands of weekly care packages across the country to people at high risk from the virus, who are not able to get easy access to food.

Oncore Foodservice

Order online for delivery across the North West 

Rob Coupe, director of Oncore foodservices, said the supplier set up a delivery service through DPD to selling meat boxes and deli boxes to customers.

The Preston-based supplier usually sell to  care homes, restaurants, pubs, nurseries,  hotels, and work canteens.

Sales have gone up about 10 per cent since introducing Farm2Fork, which sends deli boxes to people’s homes. 

Volcano Coffee Works 

Order online for home delivery  

Emma Loisel, is co-founder and chair, of Volcano Coffee Works, which supplied more than 350 cafes, restaurants and hotels across the UK and in Paris.

‘We already sold direct to consumer, but it was less than 2 per cent of our overall revenue. Online sales via our website have grown by 680 per cent in three weeks – but it’s still less than 10 per cent of our revenues before Covid-19,’ she said. 

‘Consumers buying for home use order small quantities – either a couple of 200kg bags or a 1 kg bag. 

‘Packing and posting a much higher quantity of orders is labour intensive and time consuming, we are having to quickly establish new working practices and processes to make sure we can fill these orders. If consumers could do one order for their coffee needs for the next few weeks that will help us and Royal Mail keep up.’