Millions of unused Tesco Clubcard vouchers expire at the end of February

Time to check your Tesco Clubcard points: Millions of unused vouchers expire soon – equivalent to 650,000 weekly shops

  • Tesco Clubcard customers are advised to check their vouchers this month 
  • Millions of unused vouchers are set to expire at the end of February 
  • London, Manchester and Bristol have the most to lose if they don’t claim them 

Tesco customers are being urged to check Clubcard vouchers this month after the supermarket giant revealed millions of unused vouchers will expire at the end of February.

The number of outstanding vouchers is equivalent to 650,000 weekly shops, or a week’s shop for the entire population of Glasgow, it revealed today. 

Alternatively, the unused vouchers could cover the cost of 4.2million pizzas from Pizza Express or 1.4million day tickets to Thorpe Park.

All of the vouchers need to be spent by 29 February and are worth up to triple their value when used with one of the 150 Clubcard Reward Partners – meaning customers should act quick to claim their rewards. 

Tesco is urging customers to check whether they have Clubcard vouchers that need using up

Clubcard vouchers are valid for two years after they have been issued and are stored on a customer’s account.

Understandably, some customers save up their vouchers for a big reward, while some simply forget about them. 

Customers can check the number of points and vouchers they have – and present them for scanning at the till – via the Clubcard app.  

Alessandra Bellini, Tesco chief customer officer, said: ‘Clubcard is our way of helping customers to get the very best value when shopping with us, and we want to help them make the most of it.

‘We also understand that our customers lead busy lives and may forget about the points and vouchers that they’ve built up over time.

‘With a large number set to expire at the end of the month, we are encouraging people to check the Clubcard app to see if any of these unused vouchers are theirs.’

Vouchers are valid for two years after being issued and are stored on a customer's account

Vouchers are valid for two years after being issued and are stored on a customer’s account

Clubcard customers earn one point for every £1 spent in-store and online. On fuel, it is one point for every £2 spent. To earn £5 in vouchers, customers would need to spend £500.

Vouchers are sent to customers every three months or they can download them onto the Clubcard app.

However, points can be worth far more if consumers use them with their numerous reward partners such as Cafe Rouge and Prezzo.

For example, if customers have 50p in vouchers to spend, this translates to £1.50 when spent with Royal Caribbean, meaning customers can save on their holidays.  

Outstanding points

The ten locations with the highest number of vouchers about to expire:

1. London West End: £388,000 worth;

2. Manchester: £156,000

3. Bristol: £140,000 

4. London Wood Green: £137,000 

5. Ilford: £126,000 

6. Birmingham: £120,000 

7. Edinburgh: £115,000 

8. Romford: £114,000 

9. Croydon and Glasgow: £107,000 

10. Liverpool: £104,000

Clubcard Plus

Tesco launched Clubcard Plus in November of last year, with customers paying £7.99 a month in return for added benefits.

These include getting 10 per cent off two ‘big shops’ a month, double data for Tesco Mobile customers and no foreign exchange fees for customers who use their Tesco credit card abroad. 

However, there are restrictions. 

Customers must shop in-store as the discount does not apply online. 

Certain items such as fuel, Lottery tickets, tobacco, baby formula milk and gift vouchers, are also excluded from the savings. 

Another potential setback for some is that customers will need a smartphone to access the perks as they will need to scan a barcode at the till via an app, so if you don’t have a high-tech phone you won’t be able to use the Clubcard. 

Tesco would not reveal to This is Money how many customers have signed up to Clubcard Plus since launch.  


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