Can you name these unusual road signs from around Europe in our quiz?

Can you name these unusual road signs from around Europe? Drivers should swot up before travelling – take our tricky quiz

  • Quiz features signs from popular holiday destinations such as Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey
  • Others are not as commonly visited, like Estonia, Iceland and Slovenia
  • Experts say drivers should familiarise themselves with signs before travelling
  • Scroll down to take the test to see how many of the instructions you get right 

How well do you know your foreign road signs?

While there is a general uniformity and standardisation when it comes to many roadside instructions, some European countries have signs that are unique from any other nation.

We’ve listed 14 examples that we think are fairly taxing. Take our quiz to see how many you can correctly identify.

We’ve listed 14 road signs from different European countries that you might have never seen before. Take the quiz to see if you can name them all correctly

Britons driving abroad this summer are being urged to familiarise themselves with road signs they might encounter in the countries they are visiting. 

Many are pretty easy and similar to those seen in the UK.

But there are plenty of unusual instructions that motorists from Britain would never have encountered before.

It’s imperative that motorists know what they mean, especially as driving in a different country – and on the opposite side of the road – can be taxing enough.  

Tim Alcock from said: ‘Getting behind the wheel abroad can be nerve wracking. 

‘Not only have you got to get used to driving on the wrong side of the road in a left-hand drive vehicle, you’ve got to get up to speed on the rules of the road too.

‘Luckily, most road signs in Europe have been standardised under the 1968 Vienna Convention on Road Signs and Signals, but some will look completely alien to drivers from the UK.’

With the help of the car leasing firm, This is Money has created a quiz of 14 European road signs that might cause some confusion. 

This includes signs from popular holiday destinations including Greece, Italy, Spain and Turkey.

And some are from lesser-visiting summer locations, including Estonia, Iceland and Slovenia.  

Answer the questions below to see how many you can name correctly:


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