TRUST WATCH: Schroder Asiapacific Fund

SCHRODER ASIA PACIFIC FUND: investing in the rise of the middle-classes for long-term growth

What is it?

The Asiapacific Fund, run by Matthew Dobbs since its launch in 1995, invests across the likes of China, Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia, but excludes Japan and the Middle East.

It aims to grow investors’ money over the long term, in excess of the MSCI All Countries Asia (excluding Japan) index.

What does IT invest in?

The fund invests almost entirely in the shares of companies which are listed on a stock exchange. 

It provides a list of all of its holdings, and some of the largest include Chinese online shopping giant Alibaba, Samsung and technology titan Tencent.

What do the experts like?

Ben Yearsley, of Shore Financial Planning, counts Dobbs as one of the best Asia managers. 

Yearsley notes that the trust’s shares are trading at a discount to the value of its assets, making it a potentially good time to invest.

Any downsides?

Being focused on Asia, the trust is vulnerable to President Trump’s ongoing trade spat with China, Yearsley warns.

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